Stars in his youth

Once they were young and carefree, like all normal children. Someone wanted to be a security guard, someone - a firefighter, but someone - an astronaut. These boys and girls were not even aware of the fate that awaits them, and that they are destined to become the idols of millions.

Website has selected 20 photos of celebrities when they were not yet known.

7-year-old George Clooney: grow and will look exactly like his father, 1968 g.

18-year-old Theodore Roosevelt 1876 g.

As a child, Roosevelt was often ill and suffered from asthma. As a teenager he tried to fight the disease, doing boxing and rowing.

4-year-old Barack Obama on a tricycle, 1965 g.

17-year-old Fidel Castro has played basketball in high school, in 1943 g.

At school, Fidel did not stand out academically, but was incredibly promising athletes.

12-year-old Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay in the 1954 g.

15-year-old Yuri Gagarin 1949 g.

19-year-old John Wayne 1926 g.

13-year-old Cher 1959 g.

Sher was arrested after she "borrowed" car with his mother.

10-year-old Frank Sinatra 1925 g.

8-year-old Vladimir Vysotsky 1946 g.

19-year-old Marilyn Monroe 1945 g.

Norma Jeane Baker, worked in a munitions factory, when they came to the photographer to take pictures of people. Photographer Marilyn liked the future, and he helped her become a model.

17-year-old John Lennon with his then-girlfriend and future wife, Cynthia, 1957 g.

13-year-old Audrey Hepburn 1942 g.

Audrey was born in Belgium, but grew up in German-occupied Holland. After the war she moved to England, where he became famous.

8-year-old Andy Warhol 1936 g.

14-year-old Winston Churchill in a school uniform, 1889 g.

13-year-old Ben Stiller during a trip to New York with his father, Jerry, 1978 g.

7-year-old Robert De Niro, 1950 g.

Stephen Hawking, 12, 1954 g.

As a child, Hawking was resistant to his degenerative motor neuron disease. The illness has been actively progressing in adolescence.

Daughter of simple peasants Italian Monica Bellucci 1975 g.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, nicknamed "Shura"

8-year-old Paul McCartney with his father, 1950 g.

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