9 houseplants that are perfectly clean air

Dirty air indoors - one of the causes of disease in humans. Our brick and concrete homes are constantly emit toxic chemicals - formaldehyde, for example. Air also poison the bacteria, molds, dust and carbon dioxide, which is formed near the working plate.

Fortunately, we have plants. They solve some of the problems associated with poor indoor ventilation. In this article Website tell you about the best air purifiers that can be grown at home or in the office.

Room hrizantema

This plant - a favorite of NASA. It is these colors are used to purify the air in offices Space Agency. They effectively absorb ammonia, benzene and formaldehyde from the air in any room. In addition, this flower is not very expensive, which makes it ideal for flower beds in the courtyard of a private home.


Chlorophytum - a simple and undemanding plant that does not require special care. It is quite common, so perhaps you can borrow a couple stems from the neighbors. In addition, Chlorophytum effectively absorbs all the chemicals that you spray when retracted in the apartment.


In the world there are more than 40 species of this plant. Therefore, you can easily find one that looks like it will be right for you. This is an excellent tool to remove the air of benzene, trichlorethylene and xylene. However, these little flowers are toxic to cats and dogs. So if you have a small apartment, and there live pets, think twice.


Ficus - the most popular mini-tree of all homeowners in the world. If you put it in a large pot, it can grow to a truly impressive size. But as a rule, on average, its height is 60 to 120 cm. In spring and summer the plant can be taken out into the yard.


Not only that, it is very beautiful flowers, they are also very hard to ruin. They bloom most of the summer, prefer shady places and moist, but not wet soil. Removed from the air, ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene.

Fern nefrolepis

This plant likes cool areas with high humidity and reflected light. Bathrooms - the perfect place for this "helper". It cleans the air of a pollutant xylene.

Sansevieriya ("Teschin language") 1,143,142

We see it everywhere pots, more often - in offices and restaurants. And for good reason: these plants do not require almost no care. They need to be watered about once a month: they like to dry conditions. A large amount of sunlight they also do not need to.

Chamaedorea ("Bamboo palm") 65,497,343

It's the world's best tool for cleaning the air of formaldehyde. For starters it is best to put it on the window sill, where the sun shines. You will receive the palm of up to 3 meters and fresh air. It looks awesome.

Aloe vera

This versatile plant. They can treat burns, cold, and it is just fine cleans indoor air. One of aloe vera can breathe new life into any small apartment.

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