Yak-3 - to collect her son model fighter.

The son goes to school, he graduated from 5th grade. Holidays. It is necessary to take a matter of the child and that the Pope would have been interesting. We decided to do the construction of models of World War II.
In principle, just build the Soviet model. Choosing the best of the best. Weapons of Victory.
Only backgammon-core only roken roll, as they say.
Today will discuss the construction of the Yak-3.
Proof will not be - my text, quotes and photos from the Internet nadergat, photo model - made her son.
Bought here is a set of paint brushes. We began to study the subject in detail.

17 photo.

Previously studied the Internet, we gathered all that were able to this model. The more I read - the more admired. It's just a super-plane.
Yes, it is punishing sword of the Empire! Only in the battle where the Germans shot down 15 shot down one Yak he had to erect a monument in Europe. What would remember bitches superiority of the Russian genius, before the German quality!
Here is a quote:
"From the history of famous battle July 16, 1944, which showed that the Yak-3 can successfully fight the numerically superior enemy. The fight started ten Yak-3 to eight Me-109 and four FB-190 with increased strength on our part to 18 to 24 aircraft by the enemy.
It was finally shot down 15 enemy fighters and only one Yak-3. »
Here they are - the hero. Contemplate open Russian face, kind smile. Eagles!

First a little history. Yak-3 replaced the Yak-1. If you first use a tree - it is a fully metal body. Not to say that the Yak-1 was bad. Suffice it to say that the Yak-1 began to fight the great Pokryshkin. Since June 1942, within 6 months of operations to "Yak" Pokryshkin wins more than 7 wins, among them the downed aircraft was 4 and 2 Bf.109 Ju.88.

But Yak praised not only those who fly it, and pilots flying for example, Lavochkins.
The general opinion was expressed by the famous flying ace Kudymov DA, who began to fight on LaGG-3: "We looked with envy at those who were lucky enough to fly on airplanes Yakovlev design - these machines pilots confidently engage in a German aircraft of all brands, despite the numerical superiority of the enemy. "
If you remember the movie "go to fight some old" - the 2nd musical summer on Lavochkin. I do not want to say bad about the La-5. But see for yourself - there is a natural "Iron" (a nickname given to him in the army). Alas. It was heavy and clumsy. Yak beside him - perfection.

"Yak-3 created in 1943, the team headed by Yakovlev.
From its predecessor, the Yak-3 is less wing (with an area of ​​14, 85 square meters instead of the 17, 15) with the same dimensions of the fuselage and a number of aerodynamic and structural improvements. Oil cooler, which was located under the engine before the VC-105PF2, was moved to the wing, and its intake was abolished and replaced with inlets to wear wings. »
Here on the air intake it is easy to distinguish from the Yak-1. My son, when they saw a wonderful movie Bykov "go to fight some old people" are often caught in the chronicle woven into the film, that the Germans were pouring it on Yaks! This is not surprising.
Yak-3 was the most fleet of Soviet fighter with piston engine EC-108. It has exceeded the speed of 740 km / h, that is nearly reached the limit for piston aircraft. Serial production of Yak-3 lasted until 1946. All were released about 4500 machines.
This is the first production from Yakovlev Yak-3.

Here are the facts, how good and manager was a Yak.
The first production aircraft was sent to the 91 th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the 2nd Air Army, which in June 1944 he took part in offensive operations in Lviv. More than 40% of the flight crews of the regiment were young pilots who have never taken part in the fighting, however, one and a half months they have successfully completed 430 sorties carried out five air group fights, destroying 23 enemy aircraft. Its losses amounted to two Yak-3. Conclusion The pilot was unequivocal: At altitudes up to 5000 m (above fighting was conducted) Yak-3 is superior and Me-109 and PV-190. Yak-3 easy to enemy fighters catches up on the vertical ascending and descending maneuvers.

The thoughts of those who flew and fought in the Yak-3, perhaps most vividly expressed by Major General Aviation Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the 303rd Air Division Georgy Zakharov Nefedovich "Before receiving part 303 th Division of aircraft Yak-3 I flew all fighters from I-2bis, including foreign ones, as well as the Yak-1, Yak-7B, Yak-9 (all versions). Recently flown on an airplane La 5FY considering it well. With the arrival of the Yak-3 performed a number of operations on it, and concluded that there is a similar fighter competition. The operation of the Yak-3 is simple and accessible tehsostavu resistant during takeoff and landing, in pilotage is available to any pilot that is absolutely impossible for the aircraft La-5FN. Flyers 18th Guards Fighter Regiment, and a separate "Normandy" Yak-3 was mastered after a 3-5 hour flight. On the Yak-3, I held a number of teaching and dogfights with Yak-9 and La-5 and has always emerged victorious. We had to meet on the battlefield with the Me-109 and Yak-3 showed absolute superiority. "

Another story with the regiment "Normandy-Neman".
The French chose Yakovlev aircraft and did not regret it.
Statistics wins sympathy frontline pilots and, finally, the reaction of enemy pilots - all evidence of this. "At the height of 4, 5 or even 5000 meters we beat the enemy as we want, - we told the French pilots of the regiment" Normandy - Neman "- Yak-3 gives us complete superiority over the Germans. The aircraft has a high maneuverability and speed required. The Yak-3 can fight together against four, and the four of us - against sixteen ... »
Stalin gave the French aircraft on which they fought. Based in Le Bourget. Have served in the French zone of occupation in Germany. Since 1947, decommissioned, although the conflict in Morocco used as connected. By the end of the 50s were used in aviation school in Tours.
Until now in the museum at Le Bourget is our handsome!

To fulfill the desire to collect this wonderful model.
Here are all the 127 small parts. The ability to assemble in 3 trim levels. Scale 1:48
An open engine on the ground and in the air.
We decide to collect the pilot just landed with landing gear and an open lantern, greeting welcoming character.

Collected wings are assembled cabin.
In the cockpit, besides the usual flight and engine instruments, knobs and pedals, set the transmitter and receiver for wireless communication, a collimator sight and the oxygen device. Steel bronespinka seat and rear bulletproof pilot provided protection against small fire and shrapnel. Cabin in the night lit by lamps ultraviolet radiation (UVR). Outdoor lighting equipment included onboard navigation lights (Bano).

If you compare the cab stock Yaka, it should be noted good detail from the "Stars»
Here it hard - five!

The first day of the assembly.
The unfinished aircraft the stocks out to the parking lot.
Surpassing her mother's dish, won a place for military equipment. In the background is another legend - another punishing sword of the Empire.
Destroys different animals - panthers, tigers, and so on. N. Evil spirits, for which he received the affectionate nickname "Deerslayer" - ISU-152. Self-propelled unit on the basis of the best WWII heavy tank - Joseph Stalin 2

The next day, we continue to work on the Yak.
The first meetings of our pilots, pilot a Yak-3, with the German "Messerschmitt-109" and "Focke-Wulf-190" showed a significant advantage of the new Soviet tanks. In the battle with the slight German Me-109 fighters Yak-3 came to him in the tail from the first turn in a vertical plane, or after three or four bends horizontally "Focke-Wulf-190", as the heavier, more lost Yakushima.

Then dad goes to turn the son of photographs.
Attacking aircraft "Focke-Wulf-190", he usually did not rise significantly above the 5 th. M. At this altitude, the Yak-3 had the best quality. Near the ground Yak superior enemy, and many German pilots lost speed and crashed, trying to follow him into a steep turn. Indeed, agility and speed qualities Yak-3 had no equal in the world. It was outstanding in every respect a fighter.

Getting the choice of paint finishes aircraft.
First, to wonder whether he did not paint in the colors of the famous squadron "Normandy-Neman". Here and so.

But on reflection, we decided - will be painted in colors of fighting Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenant Savva Vasilievich Nosov from the 150 GvIAP 13 IBP, 3 IAK Red Army Air Force. How he found the spring of 1945 in Austria.

And here is the pilot. Please love and favor.
Savely V. Nosov (1923-1999) - the colonel of the Soviet Army in the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union (1946). He took part in 31 dogfight shot down 15 enemy planes in person and 1 more - in the group. He took part in the Victory Parade. In 1978, with the rank of Colonel Nosov he was discharged. He lived and worked in Krasnodar. Died on 6 November 1999, is buried at the cemetery Slavic Krasnodar.

Well, that's the result of our 4 day with his son work.
Yak -3 took pride of place on the shelf. But before the victory is still far. Not all the weapons of Victory standing on a shelf. We will strive to collect all.
It is understood that the son collected all - I'm just waiting in the wings. So for the flaws do not scold.
What is not mastered not assembled engine, but it is not visible.
We could not stick the small letters on the fuselage. I read it and could not. Although in a corner of the sky have found a scheme - www.airwar.ru/other/draw2/yak3mk.html
All I finished.


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