Each person can give happiness.

Today I will tell a story that recently happened in my life.

My husband on the stock appeared kitten all its warehouse fed and otherwise looked after. And recently, the little bastard kicked his foot. Then Mike Farley caught the eye of my husband, he was instantly picked up and went with him to the Dr. Dolittle. There osmotreli- strong bruise, given painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills. The kid was shaking and heartbreaking food. My husband on the way from veterinaries drove me to work, I saw a miracle, immediately approached someone's throat, heart-wrung. Persuaded her husband to take to itself until the crumb does not get better, and in parallel to look for him a family (by the way, we live in a rented apartment and we are already living a foundling whose parents live in the 1000 km and the possibility for them to give the baby no).

10 photo.

House crumbs was given a place and is equipped with everything necessary.
So it was when we brought him home.


This is our foundling Tim. He also played the role of educator-folder!


I entertain small as I could!


He's the first night we did not sleep every half hour went to see how the baby there.


As time went on, a small recovered, began to get on foot. Playfully run and organize the race with Tim vertically =)


Mike Farley started looking for a house, started with ads sites, social networks, we finished putting up advertisements on porches. Week - another took nothing, not a single call.
I will say, we live in the Rostov region is lagging behind in the area where the Internet is not something that is not, for many there is no TV.


We're desperate (as the warehouse did not want him to return), as we call family, we came to look at him. And fell in love.
How can you not fall in love with these huge enormous eyes!
Honestly parting with the baby I did let the tears, all the same month we lived.
But the family is good, we hope that the baby will be happy as his new parents!


By title theme will return, each person can give happiness, not only animals, but also in this case a new family.

I urge all the rest in the first person! Do not pass by, see if that can help, because the timely help can save a life, even the life of the animal.
And yet, to raise children, explaining that the animals can not hurt and mock them, because they are alive, and they hurt and offended when they are hurt, animals are vulnerable to man, so they need to be protected to which children have not grown these bastards like this (I believe and I hope that all scum who bullied and maim animals find car heaven).

I have everything, you can kick.

All good, bastard rot in hell!



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