Russia has created a unique underwater motorcycle

The helmet is constantly fed air from the cylinder is fixed on a motorcycle, and hence the pilot of this unusual machine amazing views of the underwater world. Well, the machine motors allow it to move in different directions.

This is in general the principle of operation of the underwater bike, long known, for example, on the apparatus Breathing Observation Bubble, now renamed in Scuba Scuta.

Russian machine called Aqua Star, and its principal authors - 34-year-old brother, Dmitry, and Timothy Ryabikin from Yeisk, on the coast of the Azov Sea.

5 years ago Dmitry saw on TV the story of how the ocean rolled tourists on underwater vehicles with transparent spheres. Dmitri wondered how people see through these areas, and began to think about its own version of such a machine.

Two years ago, Dmitry assembled a small team of associates and began with organizational issues, and his brother - the technical. On their own money, they have developed their underwater motorcycle.

The inventors focused on the precursor of the motorcycle - the unit Scuba Scuta, but try not to repeat the mistakes in the design. In previous models, the spherical glass greatly distorts vision. The device is poorly managed and no different maneuverability. Scuba Scuta also constantly connected to the buoy rope to the surface, which does not allow him to fall below a specified depth.

First of all, the Russian inventors abandoned the spherical glass and developed a design with straight glasses, providing them blowing to avoid misting. The second main task - maneuverability and control. To do this, they added a second motor bike. Thanks to a straightforward system of the machine may hang at any point and turn on a dime. No buoys are not necessary. You can safely swim to a depth of 12 meters at a speed of up to 7 kilometers per hour.

The energy stored in the battery is sufficient for the new items 2, 5 hours. A lack of air in the tank for 40 minutes. The height of the motorcycle 1, 5 meters. It weighs 18 kilograms without goods, batteries and bulb. In the same collection - more than 50 kilograms. To lower the Aqua Star in the water, you need a small crane or mast with a winch.
To learn Aqua Star in 15 minutes.

Presentation Aqua Star was held on September 18 in Gelendzhik. Ryabkin created company, which will sell the unit at a price of 250 thousand rubles. Aqua Star commercialized in Yeisk. While it is planned to produce five units per month.

The brothers plan to open the rolling point on the Black Sea coast, to sell or lease the machines diving center.

"After the first test Aqua Star, I called him" flying motorcycle. " Being inside this unit, you feel controlled flight in zero gravity. In general, from this model, I have achieved what I wanted. Ahead of the development of the local unit 2, "- said Dmitry Ryabkin.

The brothers are going to create two types of double units - an open and closed. The first is similar to the single bike, but here already two swimmers are arranged one after the other.
Passengers will be monitored through the large side windows. A car gated two people nearby. This device, called the "monkfish" on the device closer to a miniature submarine.


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