Motorcycle Plant "Ural"

Let's start with the facade. Identify in this gray building once giant factory complex. Stella with a motorcycle hard to see the road from - for running the park. No signage. Most of the building that was once leased plant management for shops, stores and cafes. Pink door in the background is communicating through which almost no one goes. On manufacturing motorcycles "Ural" work a little more than a hundred people. For comparison, during the Soviet years was working 10 000.

Strictly speaking, these bikes should have been called Ural, than the "Ural". Because most of them imported components. Connoisseurs of motorcycles probably significantly shake their heads when they see a list of brands that supply components to Irbit. Telescopic fork Marzocchi, shock absorbers Sachs, generator Denso, battery Yuasa, ignition Ducati, bearings SKF, gear Herzog, cuffs NAK, disc brakes Brembo, electronic fuel injection component-based Bosch and Delphi. In general, full stuffing for motorcycle standards.

From our Soviet here: pipe frame castings for the motor and leaves for wheelchairs.

Motorcycle "Ural" in much the most-most and the only one in the world. Counting on his fingers: a single season, not afraid of frost motorcycle.

The only production motorcycle with a sidecar

The only all-wheel drive motorcycle. Yes, this also happens. If you got into an impassable can be rigidly connected to the wheel carriage. In this mode, the bike can go just right, but take out of any cereal.

The guys from the factory told that regularly chosen motorcycles in the forests and mountains, reached the Dyatlov Pass, and on the highway "Ural" quietly going 110 km / h.

Machines in the factory mainly Soviet, but there are also new, for example, this laser vyrezalka.

A workshop of painting work mostly women. Guys working on welding, cutting and assembly. A hard worker can serve for 10 machines. Work slowly, because the rate - 5 bikes per day. In Soviet times, every machine had two workers who worked in two shifts. In the year, the company has issued 10 000 units of equipment.

Work at the plant cherish. 25,000 rubles in Irbit on the road do not roll.

Work at the plant cherish. 25,000 rubles in Irbit on the road do not roll.

. In Russian "Ural" can only be bought in three places. In the US, the dealer has in almost every state, in some - two. Motorcycles annually pass rigorous testing in the United States and Europe to meet environmental and safety standards. All tests "Ural" passes.

By and large, there are only two models of "Ural". They differ only in appearance. One for the retro, the other more modern. Constructive all identical. But more than 60 options for coloring.

Assembling the stacker, which ensures high quality.

Assembly shop surprised her forethought. Everything on the shelves, box. All clear.

There are going to grip.

And it will soon be the motor.

Design for many years. And by and large modern "Ural" - it is only a deeply modernized version of the BMW prototype 40s.

Skeleton acquires guts.

Here they brake Brembo. Who in the subject, he will understand)))

Even in the export version of the "Ural" is written in Russian.

Coloring with powder - the same fashion.

For Russians, this bike will cost about 500 000 rubles.

On a special bench test and run in every bike.

"Ural" can give a lot of reasons for skepticism: expensive, archaic Russian nothing in it anymore.

But there is a reason for the positive. Factory even in this form, but kept the brand alive. And the main thing is in demand, not dictated by fashion, and pragmatics. "Ural" - an uncompromising rogue, thus can carry loads of up to 150 pounds (passport, in reality, more). An excellent choice for travelers. "Ural" except charisma has also consumer properties, because it and buy.


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