How to lose weight for the summer?

How to lose weight for the summer? This question, which must be confessed, excites every other girl. Let's see how the star solve the problem of excess weight, and at the same time and find out what mistakes you should not allow.

Four stars. Four talented singer. One problem at all - overweight. Which one of them was able to collect will in a fist, and who surrendered to own weaknesses?

They did it

Prior to 2009, Kelly Osbourne was a girl with a very curvaceous.

But in the year of her life began a period of metamorphosis with the exterior. Appearing on the secular parties and ceremonies of various awards, Kelly literally catches the eye of others. Of course! For some months the singer was replaced by the 14th US clothing size on the 10th!

The secret of the success of Kelly Osbourne began dancing. The singer took part in the show "Dancing with the Stars" and managed to lose 20 pounds! After that she had conceived the incredible love of exercise and fitness equipment, plus your diet easier. The result is obvious!

Talented Jennifer Hudson on the path to great success could not prevent even a large overweight. Such Jen was many years before the start of his great transformation.

Agree, not the best of shape. The starting point for parting with being overweight for Jennifer was a new role in the film «Dreamgirls», for which she later received the "Oscar". Apparently tired of the constant gossip surrounding about her figure, Hudson decided to thoroughly take for themselves. And the result was above all praise.

Formula for Success Jennifer fitness + exclusion from the diet of fried foods.

Needless to say, she looks great in a new image.

It's time to do something

One of the biggest disappointments of recent times has become my favorite singer Christina Aguilera. Not only that, she forgets the words of the main national songs of the United States, falls on stage during the "Grammy 2011" enters the police station, so also does run itself.

Looking at these photos, I can not believe that once she was so.

Or take this during the filming of "Burlesque».

But the problems in the family and the separation from her husband Jordan Bratmanom did the trick. Now, bathed in bitter tears come to witness the star in this form.

Catastrophic fault was gaining weight ... grazing!

But according to the latest rumors, the band is in the life of Christina is about to come to an end, and it will return to his former. After she and her boyfriend got into a police Aguilera actively taken up the exercise and walking outdoors. Christina, we are waiting for your "return»!

Another would-be star, who has decided to "seize" failures in his personal life, has become Jessica Simpson. At the peak of popularity Jess was fresh and graceful.

But after a failed marriage to Nick Lachey, and then break with John Mayer, Jessica began to rapidly gain weight.

Stop and give up fries, chicken and delicious cakes became absolutely impossible.

In the end, that would get into their old clothes, Jessica could only dream of.

Short skirts and skinny jeans in the past. They were replaced by strange robes and tasteless outfits.

We wish Jessica gaining spiritual and physical harmony. You can love yourself for who you are. But keep your figure in shape does not hurt.

As you can see, the stars are no exception, but only confirmation of known rules. More exercise, eat less, fall in love and be happy with life.



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