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In New York, these "mass celebrations" phenomenon is rare, but if they do occur, they are not zachinshikami Americans and Jews. To be precise orthodox-minded Jews, who believe that their religion - the main and only their worldview is true in substance and content. On that day, Jews celebrated the anniversary of the death of the Talmudic sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohayya, who lived about 1900 years ago.

We protest riot police disperse, with often using violent methods, but in India it's different. In a country song and dance, too, have Protestants and Kashmir government has recently permitted the Indian police to use when breaking up the water, which is painted in purple. In my opinion a great tool, really better batons ...

At the European Championships in artistic gymnastics, which takes place at this time in Brussels, photographers captured the gymnasts trained fingers, preparing to perform exercises on uneven bars. Medals gets very difficult.

In Canada, too, sports time. They managed to shoot photographers beauty of synchronized diving Canadian athletes Benfeto Meghan and Roseline Filon ...

Panama: "magic" dance hand.

In Indonesia, almost anglers do not use rods and other fishing tools, as they try so save the ecological purity of the sea and the coast, as well as to save from extinction rare species of animals and corral that is very, very commendable.

In Argentina, on the square near the Congress transvestites awaiting Parliament's decision on the issue of gender identity. The law on gender identity allows transvestites officially change the name and sex in the identification card without a trial and without a visit to the doctors. (By the way, the law came into force)

In India, the pilgrim smoking a cigar, carrying out a pilgrimage to Ajmer to the tomb of Sufi saint Khoja Muinuddin Chishti.

Young children in Kosovo are taking part in the celebration of Europe Day:

Recently in India, fully finished storage facilities for grain and sellers had to sell a ton of grain in the open air. More like a dump, but it turned out to be homemade food warehouse.

Strikes continue in Bolivia, where local doctors came to the square to tell the authorities that they are not willing to work 2 hours without additional payment (the other day-time physicians increased by 120 minutes, but to capitalize on this experts and can not).

Rangler Nate Cummins during the annual rutting horses near Three Forks jumps at the magnificent view of the moon. Great photo!

In the US, three-year English bulldog Max to skateboard, which he has taught master. The dog itself accelerates skateboard jumps on him and going into the unknown distance.


Pakistani boys a rest after working under cold water.

Finnish golfer warming up in training under the scorching sun of Portugal.

Russian athlete Aliya Mustafina at the 29th European Championships in artistic gymnastics fulfills one of the exercises, despite resulting in a serious injury last year, which could easily break her career ...

"The fear of getting hurt again, I have not. The excitement before the show happen, but this is normal. That was in Berlin, I completely forgot, not even remember ┬╗

Jabalia refugee camp: children.

Mexican nadavno passion erupted in Britain, where the Mexican company ┬źDelfines Mariachi┬╗ showed his room at one of the celebrations.

Freedom for parrots! Indian resident bird bathes saved under a jet of warm water:

In Haiti, everything is still hunger, heat and terrible living conditions. In this photo a little girl protects her little sister not only photographers but also from certain death ...

Somali soldiers are preparing for the next workout. He is simply necessary because the situation in Somalia is not the most pleasant, judging by the news.

In Afghanistan schoolgirls visited historical sites destroyed during the civil war, which were soon restored.

In Bolivia, which is straight day strike, with strike not only doctors, but also the students who need to increase scholarships. The police as usual on the alert and use all means to fight back indignant.

And a beautiful photo from China: the rider on his right trotter.


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