Insanely Detailed frame that will show you the world on the other hand

Nikon has announced the names of the winners micrographs Nikon Small World 2015. Photographers and scientists presented to the jury an incredibly detailed images, which can only get under the microscope.
This year the contest was sent more than 2,000 images from 83 countries.
I suggest to immerse themselves in the microcosm of the image Nikon Small World 2015.

1. Eye bees (Apis Mellifera), covered with pollen from a dandelion at 120 times magnification. B>

2. Embryos mullet (Mugil cephalus) increase 40

3. Radula aquatic snails in an increase of 40

4. Cross section of a water lily leaf unblown (Nupha lutea) 12.5 increase

5. The scales on the wings of moths 300 increase

6. Australian grass seed (Austrostipa nodosa) increase 5

7. Antenna male moths (Anisota sp.) At 100x magnification

8. liverworts (Lepidolaena taylorii) 100 increase. Plant with entities in the form of water bags, which often huddle microorganisms such as the rotifers.

9. Vascular bundles of papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) 200 increase

10. The planktonic larvae of marine worm (phoronids) 450 increase

11. Head rove (Tychobythinus sp.) 10 increase

12. The colony of single-celled organisms (ciliates) Carchesium 160 increase

13. Detailed image of the beetle-borers (Carchesium ciliates) increase in 32

14. Texture chiral thermotropic liquid crystal in an increase of 20

15. Fabric with blue drops of glue to increase 80

16. Ticks on the dolly to increase 20

17. Suckers beetle water beetles (Dytiscus sp.), The front leg 50 increase

18. Oral part (psevdotrahei) blowfly (Calliphora vomitoria) 750 increase

19. The tentacles of the carnivorous plants (Drosera sp.) 20 increase

20. Rat cerebellum 100 increase

21. Jaws head spider knitter (Metellina sp.) 10 increase

22. Cross section of fern strausnika 250 increase

23. Fossilized bones hipparions 100 increase

24. Shellfish (Cyzicus meicanus), living specimen 25 increase

25. Fragment of ancient Chinese ceramics Song Dynasty (960-1126 AD) 4 increase

26. Dispute moss (Bryum sp.) B>


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