Very unusual passenger (3 photos)

Hardly anyone can learn this old woman, a member of a train at the station King's Cross, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. We wonder what the queen goes to the ordinary passenger train (the truth, in a first-class), with only one guard.

No special services, flashing lights, armored vehicles. No closing station, during his visit to the Queen. Passengers board the train safely and do not pay any attention to it. Probably not guess.

Oh yes! You must be wondering where he was going queen? The estate Sandrigo to Norfolk to spend the Christmas holidays. The newspaper "The Times" reported that the Queen has for many years under the Christmas travel this way. Only this year for the first time been given permission to journalists to photograph beginning of the journey.

In fact, the Queen has a special royal train, but one of its flight costs taxpayers 57 thousand pounds. And then the tickets are bought in the normal way, the regular price - 44 pounds in one place.


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