Incredible sculptures Jessica Drenk from pencils

The pencil is much more than just a writing instrument, the artist has decided Jessica Drеnk. She looks at the pencil as a symbol of creativity. The result of her creative endeavors created from the most ordinary graphite pencils of the form. These interesting eco-friendly sculptures not only decorate any interior, but also give the opportunity to get closer to understanding the world of sculpture and the relationship of man and nature.
The most favorite pastime of the artist and designer Jessica Drеnk — create from objects that surround people on a daily basis, forms that can be seen in nature.

"I see in the industrial products, natural objects and things. Functional objects become part of the decor that looks good in the interior," says Jessica Drеnk. Need to see her work once to realize the most simple objects in her hands are transformed into a unique work of art, probably because Jessica was able to understand the subtle relationship of man and nature.

Sculptures made of pencils from Jessica Drеnk similar to the natural substance obtained by the impact of rocks natural processes – weathering, corrosion or exposure to water.

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