Production of pencils

Incidentally, in the production of pencil passes through the 83 process steps used in its manufacture 107 kinds of raw materials and production cycle is 11 days. If all this still look the part of an entire product line, the drawn-established production complex with careful planning and control.

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To see with their own eyes the process of production of pencils, we go to the Moscow factory Krasin. This is the oldest pencil production in Russia. The factory was founded in 1926 with the support of the government.

The main task of the government was to eliminate illiteracy in the country, and it was necessary to make the office supplies available. After the collapse of the Soviet Union factory Krasin remained the only manufacturer of pencils in the CIS with a full production cycle. This means that the factory produces all - from the lead up to the final product - pencils. Let's take a closer look at the process of production of pencils.

For the production of pencils in a factory comes specially treated and laid planks of lime. But before they will be involved, it is necessary to make writing rods.

2. Go to the shop fabrication pencil rods. Writing rods are made from a mixture of clay and graphite. Preparation of the necessary mixture begins with just such technological installations, which produces grinding clay. Crushed clay is sent down the pipeline for the next leg of production.

3. At the next station equipped with special mills, where the clay more finely milled and mixed with water.

4. Plants for the preparation of a mixture of clay and graphite. Here the mixture for future rods gets rid of impurities and ready for further processing.


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