Amazing cafe where you can print yourself from marmalade

In Tokyo there are so many different cafes, but FаbCafe is something completely new. The founders of the cafe gives guests the opportunity to make little copies of themselves from marmalade or chocolate.

Opened about a year ago, the cafe FаbCafe, allows each guest to climb into the showroom on the second floor, where a special device will scan the figure of the visitor. According to the data of the 3D printer will print forms from plastic material, in which the chef will pour the chocolate or marmalade.

In the showroom called "the Cube" there are some 3D printers that have made the company from South Carolina.
FabCаfe not always engaged in the manufacture of sweets. The idea is to print the marmalade and chocolate face came the founders of the cafe before Valentine's day and was first implemented in the form of the action, which was performed for the holiday. The demand for this service was so great that the owners FаbCafe decided to make it a main feature of his establishment.

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