10 French comedies for a good night

French original in everything, including the cinema. Their films can not be confused with others: humor, characters, scene, relationships, emotions - the spirit of France in everything. And when they were joking, then watch it - it is a pleasure
Today Website offers 10 great comedies of the country's eternal love and wine.

Welcome to the Sticks! H3> Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis

Excellent comedy, which brought together, it seems, all the stereotypes, tells the story of the hero's life away from home to "maloprivetlivom" north of France. The painting consists of literally dies, the example of which the director builds funny stories. Easy, positive and very sincere film.

That Awkward Moment h3> Un moment d'egarement

Easy and beautiful romantic comedy for adults, soaked summer mood, which is not enough especially on cold winter days. Interestingly, the film - a remake of the 1977 painting by Claude Berri year, produced by the director's son made

Married for two days h3> Un plan parfait

If you are looking for a film to enjoy the beautiful game actors, using all the means to bring a smile on the face of the viewer, this film is just a godsend. Unfazed comedy may leave only a person who does not understand the subtle humor.

Name h3> Le prenom

Want to watch a movie, where almost all the action takes place in the same room? In this high-quality comedy where the characters non-stop arguing and cussing? Please refer to the French! Live the story, dialogues gorgeous, graceful humor, a subtle play of actors and unpredictable finale ensures vivid emotions from the viewer.

Crazy Wedding h3> Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?

In true French family Verneuil three daughters already married: one for the Chinese, the second - an Arab, and the third - a Jew. The whole family is preparing for the wedding of the daughter of the fourth ... Who is the bride? Extremely tolerant to colic and funny movie about a big family for sure you'll be pleased.

Jokes aside h3> De l'autre côté du périph

Despite the name, the film is a joke, of course, there is. Painting is recommended for viewing to anyone who likes detective stories with humor. To do this, the film has everything: shooting, interesting plot, and the pursuit of a huge number of French humor

The Losers h3> Micmacs à tire-larigot

If you love French cinema, and even more movies, shot by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and even more so if you love it, "Amelie," then, of course, this movie is for you. The picture is replete with sparkling humor, vivid characters and deserves loud applause.

Divorce in French h3> L'ex de ma vie

It's not just a comedy, a drama about how, getting married, people still do not know about each other absolutely nothing. The film is entertaining, addictive, and full of aesthetically beautiful moments. So smile cause, of course. As a nice bonus - great views of romantic Paris

I want to like Brigitte h3> Joséphine

The French version of the American "Bridget Jones's Diary," or typical Cinderella story - in a word, pure maiden movie, good, slightly naive and fairytale. This movie just for a good mood, not to search for deeper meaning or experiences.

1 +1 h3> Intouchables

"1 + 1" - one of the best dramatic comedies of recent years. Despite the problems faced by the heroes of the film is filled to the brim with optimism. It is noteworthy that Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, whose story formed the basis of the picture, insisted that the film was a comedy and not a drama calling compassion. If you still do not see the picture, be sure to immediately fix it.

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