10 most spectacular Mom famous people, which you probably do not know

These women have long stay in a respectable age, but this did not prevent them from youthful look to be in great shape and flaunting extravagant, and even causing outfits. How to look the most glamorous mother of domestic and foreign celebrities, look at the new collection.

< Mother of George Clooney, 74 years old Seeing Nina Bruce next to George Clooney, ignorant people probably would have thought it his new passion. Mom actor, former beauty queen from Kentucky, is already 74 but looks much younger woman. It draws on the same age of his 54-year-old son.

In his interview with the actor is often said that in his youth, though his mother was a beauty queen, but it could easily repair the roof of the house. It is thanks to my mother, Clooney admitted he has learned to cope with difficult life situations.

Queen Mum Natasha, 70 years old more known for the Russian viewer Mama Luda Ludmila Poryvai in its 70 almost as famous daughter, sings, plays the role of presenter, posing in front of Bravo paparazzi on secular parties and even participates in fashion shows as a model!

It is possible that support the image of cheerful woman Lyudmila Alexandrovna helps sunny climate. Mom singer resides in Miami, and in Russia visited by only working on issues to visit her daughter Natasha

Mom Katy Perry, 68 years old Mom singer Mary Hudson -. Evangelical Christian (her husband Cathy's father - pastor). And Mary - a passionate fan of partying, shopping and plastic surgery


Lady's husband fully supports himself and tries to match the extravagant style of Mary.

Mom Elon Musk, 67 years old May Haldman - the mother of the founder of SpaceX and PayPal companies. Throughout his life, the lady involved nutritionists, wrote the book on healthy eating and the model has worked part-time. However, the woman did not stop filming and now, despite its age.

Mom Jared Leto, 63 years old Unlike most of its peers, mom vocalist Thirty Seconds to Mars prefers not to mask the age. Constance Summer, for example, has long hair, but it does not paint them. The desire for naturalness does not prevent a woman look spectacular and "complement" the handsome son to the carpet.

Mother Anastasia Volochkova, 62 years old Tamara - former Tourist guide in St. Petersburg


Women often accompanies daughter ballerina at social events, and more, as well as Anastasia, leads the Instagram, which puts her daughter pictures, granddaughter of Ariadne, and of their own - with the rest

Mama Beyonce Knowles, 62 years old. In the press a couple of "mother-daughter" Knowles often called sisters. Quite rightly, I must say. 62-year-old Tina not only wears the same style as Beyonce, but she picks up clothes for famous daughter. A woman for many years is a personal stylist singer.

According to the actress, mother -. Its chief critic and greatest friend

Mom Britney Spears, 59 years old The former primary school teacher in the school and the Mississippi coach aerobics Lynn Bridges often receives praise from paparazzi for a youthful appearance and resemblance to his daughter Britney.

However, as soon as the singer is gaining extra weight, as happens so often, the tabloids immediately taken to write that 59-year-old mother looks younger daughter.

Lasts is usually short-lived. As a former coach aerobics, Lynn quickly sugar cravings Britney comes in the form.

Britney Spears with her mother for a jog

Mama Oksana Fedorova, 58 years old This is my mother taught Helen the winner of the contest "Miss Russia" and "Miss Universe" Oksana Fedorova care for hair, skin and dress properly. Apparently, the trick to which a woman is drawn in order to preserve youth, work well.

By the way, young women also participated in beauty contests, however, the result was not as successful as his daughter.

< Mother Nikolai Baskov At least looks fresh and my mother, "one of the blond" Elena, I prefer not to dwell on my age.

My mother 39-year-old singer in the past - the TV presenter. By education Elena Baskov - mathematics teacher


To look amazing in a respectable age, it is not necessary to be a relative of a celebrity and have a tightly packed purse.

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