Housing, which offers primary and secondary market of Yekaterinburg

Seventy three million seven hundred seventy three thousand seven hundred seventy two

Nearly 0.5% increase in the average cost of housing in the secondary market of Yekaterinburg. The growth trend is due to the reduction in the number of b/a of apartments offered in Central and suburban areas. If you look on the website https://ekb.etagi.com/zastr/, prices per square meter are between 68 thousand rubles. With regard to the number of proposals on the secondary housing, it fell more than 3%, when compared with spring.
  • Traditionally, the most popular and "scarce" are flat in the center. Their market was much smaller, the demand of the buyers has not changed.
  • On one level holds a volume of second homes in remote areas of Ekaterinburg and the suburban areas.
  • Remained unchanged the cost of rooms in communal apartments.
The opportunity to purchase affordable housing is for those who are planning to live in the remote areas. It is a good bargain to save money on repairs. But wishing to stay in the center of city life and all events will pay for more expensive housing. In these areas the less likely proposals for "secondary" and more expensive buildings. But all the infrastructure is nearby, which is a crucial for many buyers.

New apartment with a beautiful view
If the capital apartments with beautiful views of the historical places are the order more expensive than in Yekaterinburg, the situation is simpler. Many buyers try to acquire living space with a beautiful water view, forest or Park. Moreover, in new buildings there is a trend of the more expensive apartments with each higher floor and offers beautiful panoramic views. And it doesn't have to be the center of the city.
  • High-rise building with a beautiful view located in the district of Vtorchermet.
  • Overlooking a beautiful pine forest apartments in LCD "Aurora".
  • Nizhneisetsky pond and Uktussky mountains, surrounded by forest, visible from the Windows of the skyscrapers, "Cranberries".
  • The Central part of the city's waterfront and a beautiful pond shows them the Windows of the upper floors in LCD "Admiral".
  • Very advantageous location of the houses in the residential complex "olkhovskiy Park." Here the most popular are the apartments from 20 to 25 floors. Although beautiful panorama is already evident on the 10th floor.
Looking for a new home, you can choose not only the appropriate area, but also a beautiful panorama. If you purchase an apartment from the developer, this factor will not affect the price, for subsequent resale you can make good money.

New buildings are getting more expensive
The deficit on secondary housing in the city centre and an active demand for flats has triggered a rise in new areas. Developers quickly oriented and began to raise the cost of housing, which can be purchased:
  • for cash;
  • issuing credit;
  • in the mortgage;
  • taking a Bank loan.

It turns out that job seekers are more likely to become the owner of new square meters now than to save it for b/u options from the secondary market.


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