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Kunar (near Yekaterinburg) was suburban village where merchants went to carouse. There were village gatherings and Supryadki ... The village was small, but rich as all schismatic village. She enjoyed a bad reputation as a den of vagrants. From time immemorial there has established a kind of cottage industry prepare home-bills. And what we see at the entrance to this village?

The coat of arms of the USSR, crosses and domes of churches, one on horseback, the bride and groom, children, doves, kittens, hundreds of thousands of forged flowers and some nice flourishes - the feeling that the house created a child's hand.

First impressions reveal psychedelic pattern: before you printed a huge carrot. And only on some misunderstanding, it still has not eaten. This is the true embodiment of communism, expressed in architecture.

This house has got them from his grandfather Sergei Ivanovich. House was inferior and in need of repair. House leveled, shutters and gates set - and go! First, Sergei Ivanovich did on the shutters carved frames, and then the gate decorated, then the colors will make the roof. So little by little the whole life doing something, worked on the house.

Near the hut on the track Kirillov wide black band worn rubber. This heritage thousands of cars that travel from Ekaterinburg to Nevyansk or Nevyansk in Yekaterinburg. People who were sitting behind the wheel of these machines, they saw this house and could no longer to hit the brakes.

Sergei Kuznetsov Kirillov seven years died. But all those who knew him say that his soul was exactly the same as the house that he had built.

Today, the house lives the wife of a blacksmith Kirillov - Lydia Haritonovna. Login to your house, it does not lock. Instead, lock the doors of the gate and there is a special steel button: Press - open and anyone can enter the yard. Kunar village stands along busy roads, yet no one raised a hand to rob a house.

Until his death Kirilov was the only blacksmith in Kunar. He worked on the farm and the house made his own forge and metalwork. He comes home from work - and right in the studio. I fumbled until 12 at night, getting up at 4 in the morning. If someone from the villagers asked for something to produce - anything not refuse. And still have time to play all weddings village accordion.

In 1996, during the election campaign, hut spotted at the Sverdlovsk branch of the party "Our Home - Russia". The image of the house turned out to be all party pamphlets. Lydia Haritonovna certificate showed me where it is written: Party PDR ensures help home owners and their descendants. Do you think, given even a penny? Right thinking.

After the death of Sergei Ivanovich is a miracle began to slowly decay. One day, a gale brought down from the roof pioneer. On the facade of peeling paint. In its 78 years, Lydia Haritonovna itself refurbish the house was no longer able to. Most villagers also retired. People who stopped and took pictures near the front, all the time somewhere in a hurry. It was not until as long as the house did not recognize at the Yekaterinburg Museum Leaning icons. Shells landing work - painted facade, revived the fallen from the roof of the girl, repaired the stove and left Lydia Haritonovna phone number - just in case something again fall off or deteriorate.

To get to the village of Kunar, where it stands the house Kirillovykh can the old highway that connects Ekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil Nevyansk before the construction of highway Ekaterinburg-Serov. From Yekaterinburg, he goes through settlements Baltics, Red Aduy, Masty, Verhoturku, Pyankova and Shaydurihu. Kunar about 75 km from Yekaterinburg.

And you can just pass on the way in Kunar Nevyansk and Upper Tavolgi. Kuznetsov House you can not miss. By the way, in Kunar and Shaydurihe is not the only memorable place. There, at one time I worked Bazhov Paul and left the curious record of the legendary event in the history of these settlements.

Source: rodonews.ru


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