Blacksmith of our time

The author writes: "Victor Mizgiryov met me at the gate crowded Izmailovskii" Vernissage »
and confidently led deep into the complex: "There's a lot of people on weekends, not every road is right."
Soon we stopped at a large iron door with a sign "Forge». "




2. Until now, I was only in large forging shops large plants, and only imagined might look like a forge creative person. Behind the door, I saw exactly what I pictured my imagination: a spacious room, some studded medley scale anvils, bursting with heat horn, at which hangs a lot of different forms of forceps. To workbenches - tools and metal cutting. However, instead of burly fellow-blacksmith in the smithy stood hydraulic hammer.






5. As I looked around, Victor had already put on the gloves and throw in the oven portion of the coal. "Well, you're wondering what to show?". It was very fun to just watch the process, but to see the birth of a piece of metal strip something historic was just above my expectations.




7. Victor, without thinking twice, said he will forge a couple of loops and Boot knife-novogorodets. With these words the smith went to work. Several bands have gone to bask in the horn.


8. Little by little we got to talking with Victor, and I asked how he became a blacksmith. - Quite by accident. I was more involved in the restoration, and it took me a chisel tricky - so tricky that you will not find anywhere else such. Is that to do. That's how I got into the forge. And then itself went. Victor deftly grabs the white-hot tongs strip of metal from the forge, and goes on to tell how the case made it to replace the blacksmith in his native Great Ustyug.


9. Under the blows of the hammer lane obediently changes form, there are the first outlines of a knife. - Sometimes, seventy-two hours from the hearth never left. And what else? Most Strada, on the floor is such a mountain plowshares and all the curves - in the morning it is necessary to straighten. Well, the furnace was such that it was possible for the five pieces at a time warming. But then fell out with the production manager. He openly told me: "You will not find a job here." I chat with him called his friends in Tula - asked whether they need a blacksmith. And it turned out that we needed. I do eleven specialties, so that will not stay without work.


10. - I was lucky with education. When seven years old, my grandfather gave me the ax and said, "Everything has grown. Now the wood - your duty. " And so it was that I first started to cut, then - hack, and to twelve years folded his first bath. And to eighteen - the first house. Victor gets out of the oven a new glowing metal strip and begins to make a loop out of it: puts one end on a chisel and hammer tail separates into two bands. Then, quickly and accurately wielding a hammer, he sharpens each tail and turns it into a round curl.






13. - Well, you came to the reconstruction? - I ask, knowing the passion Victor military history. - Once went to an interesting festival. I liked very much: the guys are cut, historical costumes currently do. So, too, decided to try. I used to be tightly engaged in martial arts, but then got injured and had to stop. It includes the hammer and starts thinning part of the future of the knife - to make the shank. When the hammer blows subside, Victor tells how his martial arts teacher first explained how to treat injuries, sprains and strains, and then moved on to the development of methods of fighting: "Here you are maimed each other, and lift on his feet you will have nobody" .


14. "Look, now it will be interesting. Few cut off the workpiece to grind, but I would prefer to do - get more accurate and can do alone "- I got in a fight between the edges of the heel. Coach right there I vertebrae in place the right - I did not lay day. But he is not a doctor and not a magician: one morning I woke up and could not get up. Had to physicians treat because they do not believe that I myself came to them. Almost in the disabilities are not recorded. Then I helped my grandfather one, do not know whether more alive. I came to him, told what and how. He led me first to coach the water bath and heat up. Then there in the bath made out on the bones and reassembled. While in front of me was unfolding life story of Victor, one strip of metal is gradually turned into a one-piece forged knife, and two others - in the loop. Blacksmith of our time






17. "Knife - reconstructor dream" - Well, now we've done for you a little souvenir - a keepsake. A simple thing, but from it all artists trudge: say, modern art. Victor digs into a pile of scrap metal and takes out a small rod. "That's out of it we'll do the beetle." He gives a piece of metal the original shape, and then instructs the chisel and commands: Bey. A few bumps, and on the metal remain deep marks - wings, legs, wings and a point on the eyes. "I beetles such children do. Nothing complicated, but once you understand how to work with metal ».


18. - What can you forge a knife or sword - that I already knew. Well, that is usually the common people, not reenactors bought? - In general, fender, tongs, a different tool. Sometimes bought things like forged decorative roses. I'm doing the fender - I will be there fairytale "Boldly Buzzing Fly". I did some sketches and zakazchitsa agreed to this. Well, then I can come up with: it's my story, and I will fill its details.




20. On the way out of the forge, we had a long talk about everything in a row: Forest and pictures of animals and of hunting, re-enactors and history of Russia. "I have an unusual name for the Great Ustyug, and therefore easy to keep track ancestry. I know that my family was not serfs. All the people were free, and all - master ».


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