Primary or secondary market: where it is better to buy an apartment?

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Before you buy an apartment in Nizhnevartovsk, you need to decide which option is best suited as money, and also the living conditions. The first of these is residential property primary market and secondary market. Today, the Network offers different options. There presents and the Agency offering a variety of housing. So you can see this source offers 3-bedroom apartment in Nizhnevartovsk. So which version should stay?

Secondary market: pros and cons
When we are talking about the secondary market refers to apartments, which can be more than a dozen years. This includes not only the notorious "Khrushchev" and "Stalinka". Any apartment in the secondary market can be of three types:
  • private;
  • municipal;
  • state.
This may include even a new apartment, but only if they already had some host. For example, high-rise building was commissioned six months ago, all apartments are bought. But then someone decided to sell his.
These apartments have their advantages. These include three main: to celebrate the new home, all utilities are connected and also that there is a large variety. But you need to consider and disadvantages.
  1. High price for 1 m2.
  2. There is no 100 percent guarantee that a legal clean papers all in order.
  3. Load-bearing walls for prolonged existence could become weak.
  4. All utilities, if not changed, may turn into the source of the problem.
And how can you not consider the fact that the entrances to these homes are not very attractive, can elevators do not work?
Advantages and disadvantages of new buildings
And now it is necessary to deal with new buildings. Their main advantage is that it is still brand new residential property. So in such a nice apartment to move in. Because the owner knows that here he is the first owner. But there are other advantages:

  • office layout is more modern;
  • for construction are used high quality materials;
  • heat insulation of buildings has received serious attention;
  • are not wooden, and plastic Windows;
  • serious attention is paid Parking spaces.
With regard to the last item, so you can specify the following: often many are high-rise buildings and underground Parking lots.
But in new buildings there are weaknesses. Especially when we are talking about participation in share construction. It may be that the money the client paid for the apartment, and renovated for various reasons, turns into unfinished. So you need to deal only with a serious developer. You also need to remember that in the apartments purchased in buildings, in most cases before settling owners have to perform finishing work. And all this at his own expense.


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