Which property is profitable to invest in 2018?

Which property is profitable to invest in 2018?


Today, the economic crisis in many countries. Not spared this issue and our countries. The national currency, devalue, depreciate, and therefore lose their financial properties. But the assets that need to be stored, you need to invest. But what? The product is quite risky. Possible in bitcoin? It is best to invest in real estate! But precisely in which read in this article. We will try to determine what kind of property you need to "invest" their savings, which would accumulate and increase private capital in the future.

Today, the expert assessment of the property shows us that the greatest demand is for residential and commercial properties. Residential home can be deleted, because it is not "quick" asset difficult to sell or rent. But flats and non-residential premises is a "Golden assets" in our time.

Apartment. This is the best object for investment, if You have a small amount of money. That is, having a small amount of money, we buy an apartment and rent it out. When choosing the right apartment, it can pay for itself in ten years. Only about ten years of putting the property on rent and You are absolutely valuable asset that you can sell or continue to rent. It is important to buy apartments in large investment-attractive cities: Kiev, Minsk, Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin.

Non-residential premises. When there is a large amount of money, then you need to buy real estate has a large yield. Focus on small commercial premises in the Central parts of the city! Never buy a cheap room on the outskirts of the city where the low level of purchasing power and low business activity business and citizens.

Primary or secondary market?

Buy apartments or premises are required in the primary or secondary market? But this does not matter. Here's an example article on expert evaluation of the apartment, clearly enough written about what affects the value of residential property. The most important thing for real estate is its location, and everything else, the minor things. Of course, the building or the house must be habitable or operation!

Commercial and residential real estate in the center of cities

Orientirueshsya the Central cities, where high pedestrian flows, where a high density of business activity, where the constant economic and social processes. Although the property in such parts of cities is quite expensive, but it brings the most profit and faster will pay for itself.

Buying an apartment, be sure to pay attention to the accessibility to the metro. Housing near metro stations always current among tenants and buyers! Invest correctly — earn enough! I Wish You Success.

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