Like how to start a repair of apartments turnkey in Moscow

Fifty eight million six hundred eighty thousand two hundred seventy one

The starting point is the definition of estimates of repair work, because otherwise order repair of apartments turnkey in Moscow is to choose a construction company that provides such services for example
The cost includes the price of the execution of selected construction works and purchase of material. Defining, and retarding the speed of execution is often the cost of the work. To make the calculation to calculate the cost of repairs of apartments turnkey with materials not simply due to:
  • the run-up in prices,
  • the abundance of material that is tout and enumerate its benefits, emphasizing that it is better not to find,
  • due to different opinions on the durability, sustainability and practicality.
Moreover, the same type of product, different companies put different price, just ask 2-3 of your friends who just finished the repairs to verify this.
But to make easier the assessment of works is in your power. Here are some tips from experienced repairers.
Not to start a cost to start with a project
Once defined the complexity and volume of works on repair of apartments: cosmetic or major, with the redevelopment or upgrading of finishes. The complexity of stroyrabot directly affects the cost.
Not the last place in pricing is the quality, location (close narrow room or a large and spacious), urgency (deadline). The higher your requirements, the higher prices for the service workers. Is not necessary, therefore, to compare the prices only on the basis of list of works. For example, Your friend ordered the repair at the same firm as You. But the run value it much higher.
Just making a design project, you will be able to obtain the exact amount of expenditure. To do such a project, the designer is all, it is a detailed explanation of the scheme of placing of the floor and ceiling, a communication plumbing and gazodobychi, electrical wiring, wiring lighting, down to the furniture placement.
He will tell you whether to order the repair of apartments together with the material, who better to make such an order, what time frame is considered optimal, which material is for what room to buy.
Criteria for selection of firms for the repair
Repair turnkey, complex repairs are not cheap. They cost a large sum. Of course, in order to save, you can choose a company with a tempting low prices.
But, in this case, you should ask them to show the license to work. Unable to run into self-taught. And every phase of the modern repairs can be carried out with a guarantee and efficiently without special knowledge and experience.
The second point, there are companies-a something ephemeral. They lure low rate, but in the course of repair, it starts "appreciation".


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