The apartment without credit

So, take a calculator (or even better exel), remember the math in 3 high school class together and consider what is more profitable: rent or mortgage.
All prices are valid for 2014, for the city of Kazan. In your city the situation will be different, but hardly much because "Free market" is almost everywhere, "he adjusted the" relation between the cost of housing and rental.
Finpotok and value for money are calculated mortgage calculator on the website of the Savings Bank. For most regions, they are the same as in my calculation.


2 bedroom apartment with an area of ​​56 meters in a panel 9-storey house built just over 20 years ago. Without repair, almost no furniture, old fridge, old stove and a washing machine.
The declared value of such real estate agents apartments - 2, 590, 000 rubles.
To be closer to and farther from reality realtor expectations, further calculations will be carried out at the price of 2, 500, 000 rubles.
The cost of renting an apartment - 17 000 rubles, including communal, but without the cost of electricity and the Internet.
First realtors like 18, 000, but in the end we agreed with the owner of 17 000 rubles per month, plus agreed that any improvements made by me will be credited to the account of rent.
Since the electricity and the internet in any case we have to pay for separately from the apartments and communal, then I think everyone will agree with the fact that they take into account in the calculation is not necessary, as well as other articles of the family budget. We consider only the housing.


Consider the case of the acquisition of this apartment in debt
Go to the website of the Savings Bank, to drive into the mortgage calculator figure 2, 500, 000, specify the minimum down payment (15%), choose the general conditions and perform two calculation - 10 years (120 months) and 20 years (240 months).
We find that in any case we must immediately make for an apartment 375, 000, and then:
1) or to pay for 38, 068 rubles a month for 10 years;
2) or to pay 30, 635 rubles a month for 20 years.
Overpayment on the loan for the entire period is 2, 068, 228 and 4, 852, 432, respectively.
The figures are not small, but nevertheless, we have to add more to them and the cost of communal, because in the apartment it is included, and a mortgage - no.
In my case, the landlord claims that communal costing him in the area of ​​7, 500 rubles a month. Personally, I'm inclined to believe him, because First he pays it himself from a fixed rent and because it makes no sense to deceive me, and secondly, this apartment is purchased from the parent capital for its growing children, and therefore it is likely spelled several members of his family, which affects the the cost of utilities.
Whatever it was, let's for the true amount of utility bills will take 5, 000. For one-bedroom apartment in my town is a very small figure. But even if it will be different from this value, it will not distort our further calculations.
Now we add the 5, 000 to the mortgage payments and get the following picture:
1) we will have to pay 43, 062 rubles a month for 10 years, or;
2) we will have to pay 35, 635 rubles every month for 20 years.
Remember these numbers. Double dirty swear against greedy bankers. Close the bank's website and go to the fun.


We accept these horrible conditions. Take for granted, as an objective reality, to change that right now we can not. Therefore, we are preparing for this abnormal volume on payments for murdered Soviet kopeck piece in the panels and ... take an apartment for rent.
Take an apartment for rent "to pay someone else's uncle»
Renting an apartment and live in it for 17,000 rubles a month.
1) at the time of moving into the apartment, we have to be 375, 000, that we do not give a down payment;
2) every month we should have on hand at 43, 062 or 35, 635 rubles (depending on the loan term) that we do not we return to the mortgage.
The availability of this money is fundamentally important. If we have a mortgage, we would have to pay these amounts every month, no matter what happens. Imagine that your accommodation pledged to the bank and be ready at the end of each month to have one of these amounts on his hands, as if you are evicted for late payment!
Now and in the future of these monthly amounts we pay rent apartments in the amount of 17, 000, and the rest is easy, disciplined and inexorably accumulate on their homes.
Repair, furniture, household items and much more, which will inevitably have to spend on a new place of residence to buy and pay from any other money! Monthly payments are not spent only accumulate!
And that's what we get as a result.
At the beginning of the year (we just moved into an apartment) we have on hand 375, 000 which are not given in the first installment. Live year, monthly accumulate the difference between the estimated and the actual mortgage, renting, then at the end of the year we get:
Year 1:
(43, 062 - 17, 000) = 12 312, 744 375 stocks, 000 = 687.744 rubles or
(35, 635 - 17, 000) = 12, 223, 620, 375 stocks, 000 = 598, 620 rubles
Year 2:
687, 744 312 744 = 1, 000, 488 rubles
598, 620 223, 620 822 = 240
Year 3:
1, 000, 488 312, 744 = 1, 313, 232
822, 240, 223, 620 = 1, 045, 860
Then everyone can find himself, just adding to 312, 744 or 233, 620 each year, according to the selected term "mortgage».
Too lazy to take it to report:
instead of a mortgage for 10 years you accumulate quietly to his apartment for 7 years, instead of the mortgage for 20 years, you save up for an apartment for 10 years and another 100, 000 you will have.
Considering the money that you spent on renting an apartment, you will save on interest earned 640, 228 and 2, 812, 432 rubles, respectively (multiply 17 000 by the number of months of rent as long as we have enough to buy an apartment and subtract the result of the estimated overpayment).
At the same time, you are for 7 or 10 years old live in peace, free of debt and having given a considerable amount "cushion" cache just in an emergency!
Sudden illness or loss of a job does not lead you to the eviction
If you have problems with money, you may have to spend on rent slightly from the accumulated (and thus fall back on the way to their goal) but this is a last resort and only for the time, while you look for a new job.
Agree, this is not the same as what was left on the street so even with the debt (banks when payment has been delayed take an apartment in credit debt for a very small price, but you remain, they should lose the accrued interest and already paid).
All lyrics like "living in their housing," "do not have to huddle on a rented apartment," "but it can already do repair" actively imposed by banks - not more than an illusion. In case of any problems with your ability to pay, the bank will show you very quickly in whose apartment you actually are.
But when renting, all these issues are resolved elementary contract with the owner, on which he has no right to evict you for a certain period of time, can not be evicted without prior warning and can raise the rent is not more than a certain number of percent per year. < br /> A little more about the growth of prices and percentage
By the way, about the growth of rent, increasing the cost of apartments and other interest ... Here I can scold for such classifications, but the words of a song you can not throw and if you personally lets conscience and worldview, it can be used for the benefit of themselves fucking conditions of the capitalist system. < br /> In short - if you do not have any business or investment skills, you can not really pass philosophizing moneylenders banker money at interest as a normal contribution and compensate for inflation, a possible increase in the cost nedvizhki and at the same time seriously speed up the growth of your savings.
Thought it would be, if you instead of saving money in the mattress (or where you hide them there), you take this to the bank to deposit a normal rate of 10% per annum and will renew each year contribution to the capitalization of interest, adding to them their savings. < br /> Beginning of the first year:
throw on deposit 375,000 saved for a down payment.
Year ended 1:
we have in the bank is 375.000 1 1 = 412, 500 to which is added (43, 062-17, 000) = 12, 312, 744 savings and turns
412 500 312 744 725 = 244
412 500 223 620 = 636, 120
Year 2:
725 1 244 1 312 1 = 744, 110, 512
636 1 120 1 223 620 923 = 352
Year 3:
1 110 1 512 1 312 1 = 744, 534, 308
923, 1 352, 1 223, 1 = 620, 239, 307
Year 4:
1 534 1 308 1 312 2 = 744, 000, 482
1 239 1 307 1 223 1 = 620, 586, 858
Year 5:
2 000 1 482 1 312 2 = 744, 513, 151 - It?
1 586 1 858 1 223 1 = 620, 969, 164
Year 6:
Who would want a mortgage for 10 years, for a whole year living in his own apartment.
Or continues to shoot the old apartment, the costs of which are fully covered by bank interest (approximately 20, 900 per month).
Year 7:
Who would want a mortgage for 20 years, buying an apartment for 2, 628, 670 rubles at the end of 7 years or stays in a rented apartment, paying rent for bank interest, which accumulates a little more than 21, 000 rubles a month.
Here's a uncomplicated math.
15 minutes calculations that can save from 5 to 13 years of life, which at the mortgage would have to work for the bankers.
It is clear that by investing money on deposit, the interest received by you will have to work out to fans plasma or take a jeep on credit, so if you do not want to participate in the robbery of these impatient comrades, just save up without investing in the bank. All the same, it will be much more profitable than to keep bankers and join the ranks of people executed by other people's capital.




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