Professional equipment for food service establishments: how should it be?

Forty four million four hundred sixty seven thousand five hundred seventy two

No cafe can do without special professional equipment. And this applies to all institutions, not just cafes and restaurants, but just canteens. If you go to the website of Maple here you can not only see what kind of equipment now offered to food service establishments, but also to order it.

The minimum necessary to Tallaboa catering establishments should have a few areas:
  • professional kitchen;
  • hall for meals;
  • pantry for food storage.

Areas may be more. For example, if it's a big restaurant, there may be several rooms, including for banquets and other special events. How to equip any of these halls?

The Essentials you will need for the rooms in the facility dining facility is tables and chairs. Without them can not do here. They can be manufactured from different materials: wood, metal, plastic. As for tops, they can be made of glass. But as in a hall for a meal you need daily cleaning service, it is necessary to buy such tables and chairs that can be easily moved to the side. It is important that the chairs were comfortable, otherwise customers will quickly find another restaurant or cafe. Very often instead of chairs in restaurants are used more practical chairs.

Equipment for kitchen and ladoucette food need to be stored somewhere. They are not always able to bring every day from the warehouse. Therefore, in the pantry needs to be refrigerated, and freezer. Their choice depends on how large is the school catering. This can be as a great restaurant and small bar. What do you need to buy for the kitchen?

The kitchen should be the following equipment, where the first plan should act as heating units for cooking:
  • plate, which can be gas or electric;
  • large frying surface;
  • bulk food boiler;
  • fryer and cheburechnaya;
  • an electric kettle and a coffee maker.

Not do without a heat table. It is intended to ensure that cooked food was warm for a longer time. During cooking need and electronic scales. Refrigeration equipment is necessary not only in storage but also in the kitchen. It must be like products and drinks.


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