Biker patches and chevrons: types and values

Forty four million eight hundred seventy one thousand six hundred forty four

The appearance of the biker chevrons and stripes refers to the 40-m od the last century. It is designed to solve two seemingly distant from each other objectives: to emphasize, on the one hand, membership in the group, on the other hand to select a person from the crowd, to declare his personality.
The first chevrons and stripes were made by hand, as sketches for them. Modern technologies allow to produce biker patches different size and design. There are varieties of these attributes.
  • Small size – for the decoration of the sleeves, hats.
  • Large post on the back of the garment.

The main theme
Motorcycle patches are a large thematic diversity.
  • Information. This can be information about blood group, chronic disease. In addition, this patch may contain the name of the person (as an option, his nickname), the name of the city. Often in extreme situations medical information saves lives.
  • Motorcycle theme. It can be an image or name of the motorcycle. This subject is an image of the motor.
  • The Wild West Theme. Bikers position themselves as modern cowboys, so their appearance is appropriate profiles Indian chiefs, revolvers, heads and skulls of bison, coyotes and wolves.
  • "Motorcycle patches" with wings. It is logical, it is often a quick drive compared to the flight. And motocross fly in the full sense of the word, and quite high and risky.
  • The totem animals. Again, the use of elements of the indigenous culture of the American Prairie. As a rule, is the eagle or the wolf. Russian bikers sometimes order the accessories with the brown bear.
  • Skulls, skeletons, bones. On the one hand, they symbolize contempt for the biker to death, with another – a reminder of impermanence and infinity of all things. However, for some, is a way to assert themselves and the manifestation of black humor. In addition, the skull is one of the symbols of rock music.
  • Veteran characters. Often among bikers, you can meet the participants of armed conflict. They carry signs with the emblem of the special forces or the armed forces. Of course, that people unrelated to participation in war, to wear something like that undesirable.
  • Club stripe. By themselves, these signs testify: that of human responsibility and self-discipline. He is responsible not only for their own actions, but trying to do so as not to tarnish the reputation of the club.

This is not a complete list of symbols. Bikers also use other types of images: drawings on clothes, done by or under the order, tattoos or patches. This attribute serves as a marker of "own-alien".


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