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It has long been believed that a horseshoe over the door brings good luck to the house. But to horseshoe carrying positive energy, it is necessary to properly hang. For this, first, it should be placed on the door, focused only on the West, Northwest or North. Second, the open part of the horseshoe must be pointing up. Only in this case it will intensify that energy.

And to touch those mysterious energy manifestations, you must first get acquainted with such concepts as: the effect of the form, air, a private space frequency (SCC) of the planet's rotation and the free energy of the environment.

Previous civilization on Earth, including Atlantis and the Hyperboreans, not only knew about the existence of the radiation produced by the shape, weight and material of the object, but also able to use it widely for various purposes.

In the construction of Grand stone buildings – they used the resulting effect of levitation, to search for underground water sources and deposits of mineral ores – has already been used the principle of dowsing, based again on knowledge of the shape effect. Operation of the navigation system are also stone labyrinths were predetermined by this knowledge.

“In the beginning was the Word” — says the Bible. "Everything is thought" — says the fundamental principle of mentalism. And the Word, and the thought – ether. And he is the uncaused Cause: not born, but giving birth forever and eternal, this universal mind is the Creator of the material, the immortal and continuously giving birth to the Universe. And all of the material environment originate from it.

But, what is our world, Existence? His extreme States can be roughly represented in the form of 2 points on a linear scale: left — pure and highly mobile, the air in the form of a thought, right — rigid matter without any movement inside. Everything else is in between these points. And, moving from left to right, we are in our material structure (matter) to observe the decrease in the amount of air and increase of the solid matter. And in addition to this submission: all material in the Universe is penetrated vortex flow of "pure", primordial ether of the cosmos.

But what explains the effect of the form? only essential differential pressure. Any living body, any object, even any line or dot on paper or the screen, any characters at all creates a drop of the ether pressure. All the planets and the universe feel the difference. Only the size is different: in some cases, it is more significant, in others quite weak.

As an example, below are given for plane figures the relative values of the measured essential contrast against the background (white sheet of paper). Figures 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 create ethereal fields of the right twist, 1, 2, 3, 4 — left.


For solid figures the field strength increases with increasing surface curvature. This is the effect of the tip.

Question about SCC of the planet is directly linked to the pulsation frequency of the magnetic field of the Earth. We assess the appeal of the planet through the period, after a time, and a key parameter for us is the frequency of rotation of the planet (365,25.../year). But because of space, this frequency of the planet is assessed primarily through electromagnetic radiation, a private space frequency of the Earth is determined through the speed of light in earthly space and the length of the ellipse of the planet in the orbital plane. Then SCC of the Earth is equal to ~ 7.5 Hz – a measure of the number of revolutions traversed by sunlight around the planet in 1 second of time.

With the space of positions, a fixed energy SCC of rotation of each planet, as a whole, produces the whole range of its harmonic derivatives: - frequency waves in increasing order, the discrete numeric number, up to a frequency of rotation of electrons around the atomic nucleus. And it makes electromagnetic field excited by their own resonant frequencies, all existing material structures on the planet, again at the corresponding harmonics of the SCC. Moreover, SCC of each planet is unique.

The cumulative effect of ether, freely penetrating any body, and the pulsating magnetic field of the planet leads to the formation of vortex flows in the essential structures of these bodies, essential changes in pressure on their surfaces.

But the essential eddies have a remarkable ability — they extract energy, in the environment (free energy) and deliver it to the field differential pressure essential. And this “goodness knows where from undertaken energy”, we have to assess through the radiation the shape of an object. Moreover, the etheric vortices with left-hand twist (counter clockwise looking from the side “eye” of the vortex) have the positive energy and the right negative.

Terrestrial radiation is the longitudinal-wave character, and it is not possible to measure in conventional devices, because the most common tools are either laskody frame, or pendulum plumb lines. Ie, in practice, measurements of radiation is used the principle of dowsing with a major drawback: all the measured values we get only “Yes or no” and with the obligatory presence of the human operator.

It should also be noted that the shape effect depends on material of the subject. Noticed that the “energy output” will be higher not only in substances with a pronounced crystalline lattice, but if this grid will have a tetrahedral structure, an example is quartz. The same is true for filling out forms: hollow objects will have a much lower “energy” than solid.

The direction of the electromagnetic wave SCC of the Earth – from East to West, because that is so important orientation of the investigated object in space. For example, rotating model of a pyramid from the classical trend – line on magnetic North, we will at each new angular position to obtain different results of the radiation.

And again. Ether-wave processes is still poorly understood, and classical science does not want to accept them. Because in the future we often use the Board N. Tesla that most of the processes associated with the free energy from the environment, it is best to imagine, or simulate, using as the fundamental principle of one science — hydrodynamics.

Research devoted to the study of energy forms, is extremely small. The theme is a horseshoe-shaped forms was found only once – in the laboratory “Nanoworld”. And it was not directly on the shape of a horseshoe, and close to it the Crescent and Chevron. But here scientists are trying to create an analogue of the engine of a UFO, professed only classical physics, saying: “Imagine that you run in a circle, but run only half of a circle, and then come back. So electric current flows on the Crescent. Maximum power occurs where the current is stronger, i.e. in the middle of the Crescent. The ampere force and makes the "Crescent" to move the middle forward."

About the same analogy also explains the work of the “Chevron” engine.

And it is clear that such attempts have been in advance doomed to failure: without the support of ether theory, the effect of the form – not to explain, and the propeller — not to build.

Crescent-shaped and Chevron came to us from deep in the antiquity, which in itself deserves attention. Today the Crescent moon symbol is fundamental in the religious practice of Islam, it is found as an element in the cross of Orthodoxy. Chevrons can be found in clothing as Indians, and among the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East. Widespread this sign and in uniform from different branches.

radar measurement of the effect of the form dedicated to the book of O. Rysev “Effect of the form of pyramids” where the author describes how to use dowsing sensor, which is a flexible rod of the pendulum, he spent measuring the information structure of various three-dimensional bodies. It is certainly not the same as the measurement of their radiation, but to understand the quality of the picture – enough.

Unfortunately, the horseshoe shape – was not investigated, but information picture on it can be obtained by using shape similarity than is widely used and the author of the book. Knowing that the branches of the Lovozero horseshoe located in the direction East-West, i.e. the inclined surface of each branch of the horseshoe facing North and South, will look for these shapes similarity.

One of these figures is the classic pyramid model (pyramid of Khufu), which has in comparison with a horseshoe opposite the inclined surfaces (facets). And the adjacent figure shows the result of these measurements: on the Northern and Eastern faces of the energy – positive, and on the South and West negative.

Studied the other figure was a hemisphere. And the new picture shows the location of its information structures: on the surface, facing to the North, positive energy, and to the South – negative.

What is common in these 2 forms reviewed? One surface, facing North, have positive energy, and to the South – negative.

The same pattern can be extended to a horseshoe having a cross-section of each branch in the form of a circle segment, and the linear length from East to West – sloping surface, almost the same as the planes of the faces of the pyramid. For the doubters – you can offer to independently verify my reasoning on experience.

But we already know that the manifestation of positive energy – is a sign of levothyroxine and negative pravonarushenii etheric vortices. Draw these vortices on the new picture.

And what do we see?

The u-shaped three-dimensional figures there are 3 pairs of interacting vortex lines: one inside each branch of a horseshoe, and one in the Central cavity. Moreover, all these strip pairs are composed of adjacent vortices of opposite rotation.

And here, on the advice of N. Tesla, we must turn to hydrodynamic processes. From hydrodynamics it is known that each pornovieja bar represents the track of the Pocket. This track paired and counter-rotating vortices were first observed in the water flow after the obstacle. On the adjacent figure clearly shows that miligramos lines appeared the backflow of fluid (arrow bottom), the primary directed oppositely (arrow). By the way, the image of the vortex paths of the Pocket can be seen on many drawings of early civilizations (Sumer, Egypt, Mesoamerica).

Now, in accordance with the reciprocity principle, slightly change the condition will remove the impediment, stop the primary flow, and from some external sources will create a strip of pair vortices with the same direction of spins. Here's the will miligramas fluid flow, the magnitude and direction of which correspond to the vector of the lower arrow. If anyone needs an analogy, it almost works as a gear pump.

Back to the horseshoe. Our strip 3 of the pair of vortices will create 3 energy flow: 2 – inside and along the branches of a horseshoe, with the entrance (i.e., West to East), and 1 in the center of the horseshoe, but with the opposite flow direction (East to West).

The formation of the Central flow can be illustrated by another example.

The American researcher R. Wyatt, is engaged in search of Noah's ark in the Ararat mountains, was forced to conduct practical experiments on water. He made a scale model of the boat in the same proportions as stated in the Bible, and then simulated stones "mountains" of various shapes, streamlined flow of water. He had to answer the question: when the ark will naturally “land” in the mountains. Most of the experiments gave negative results: boat just sailed around the speaker from under the waters of a mountain peak. But when he made a model of the "mountains" in the shape of a horseshoe, I saw that the formed vortex flow immediately seized the boat and moved it to the internal region of the horseshoe.


The seizure of the vessel inside of the horseshoe vortex flow

Now is the time to make the initial assessment of the potential energy opportunities in the horseshoe of Lovozera. Considering the magnitude of its energy is a multiple of the volume (mass) stone of education as the base to select one of the prominent stone structures on Earth. Then comparing the volume of the great pyramid at Giza 2.34·106 cubic meters from the roughly estimated volume of the aboveground part of the mountains – 6.5·1012 cubic meters, we get a great energy increase – almost 3 million times!!!

So, we decided that only by specific (horseshoe) shaped array of the Lovozero tundra has a powerful energy. Thus on 4 the slopes of the 2 branches of the horseshoe formed 4 rows of vortices: 2 on the North – twist left, and 2 on the South – right. These 4 rows form the vortex track 3 Pockets: 2 external, in the branches of a horseshoe, and 1 – Central, over the waters of seydozero.

3 of Karmanovskaya track 3 essential form of vortex flow, the vectors (po)currents of 2 branches of a horseshoe lying in its plane and direction – to the East, to the entrance of the horseshoe, and the Central vector lies in the same plane, but is in the opposite direction – to the West, to bending the Central part of the horseshoe. In fact, the flow of energy in the Central part of the horseshoe is formed by the confluence of 2 streams in the branches that unfold to 180 degrees. in the West.

Now is the time to ask the question – is it only due to the effect of form (stone horseshoe structure of Lovozero) is provided by the unique energy of these places? And have to admit that no, there is another source of this mysterious energy.

Water, despite its routine use in everyday life, conceals many mysteries. It is, for example, has a memory. In other forms of quality changes dramatically under the influence of musical sounds or voices, it responds to positive and negative human emotions, unusual changes structure by freezing or magicienii, etc. But what is most important for our theme, it has a great flow of essential energy, most often negative. And people have long known that it is impossible to settle near the forks of rivers, or on groundwater flows: their negative energy, affecting the psyche and the human body, may be detrimental to the health and life expectancy.

And now it turns out that there is a natural rock formation in the same Northern hemisphere of the Earth, which has enormous energy resources, exceeding the effectiveness of the Great pyramids of millions of times! published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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