Home fragrance: how to choose and where to use

In our lives the aromas are of great importance: they allow to relax, to calm down and feel better. But not only that! Emotions, memories, sensations also "attached" to the odors. Especially important are the flavors in your own home.

The house is not only a refuge from the stress and part of your world, your individuality. And everyone here must be perfect! As professionals say, the flavors – it's the aura of the house.

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In order to "aromatize" their own home, there are many possibilities, or rather, many sources. And about the best we will tell you.

Essential oil. This method of flavoring the most active and potent. Because there are used natural essential oils of various plants, and oil is strong concentrate. It's like perfume. So their smells are strong, vivid and tangible. You need to remember that strong smells like not all and can even cause headaches and allergies. But it's all individual, then you need to listen to yourself. But if the flavor is chosen correctly, essential oils in addition to scented products, will have a cosmetic preparation.
For example, the orange flavor is a remedy for cellulite no less strong than the special gels. Do not believe? And this is because we still know too little about the effect of fragrances. And you try and compare! To use essential oils need special oil burner. In this Cup is poured a little water and dropped the desired number of drops of essential oil. When heated, the essential oils evaporate from the surface of the water. By the way, is itself a fragrance lamp is a beautiful decoration of the interior.

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Fragrant mixture. They operate more smoothly, as the flavours here are not concentrated, and natural. Fragrant mixture are sets of scented dried flowers, petals, cones and other natural materials. They themselves are beautiful, as are Packed in stylish baskets, vases and a little tinted. Fragrant mixture or are often composed of aromatic plants or aromatizers additionally a few drops of essential oils. These flavors just put on the table or shelf, they are not heated, they are ready to use. So they exude a subtle, delicate flavor. By the way, a fragrant mixture does not necessarily buy – you can make them yourself. For example, to dry rose petals, dropping them to 5-6 drops of rose oil, and pour in a miniature basket.

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Scented candles. They are natural oils or synthetic fragrances. The smell of them is very noticeable, but less so than essential oils. Many smells are hard are reproduced and their substitutes are annoying. So candles need to be chosen based on personal perception, very carefully.

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Fragrant live plants and bouquets. This is the most natural and discreet way of perfuming the room. There are many indoor plants that smell good and create a fresh atmosphere. In addition to the colors you can use herbs in pots and small conifers in an apartment you can grow the cypress, dwarf pine and spruce. You can put in a vase with water the branches of trees. For example, the excellent flavors are the twigs of poplar, birch and black currant.

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Natural cleaning products. We are talking about such remedies, which include natural ingredients. Yes, most modern gels, pastes and powders scented, but it smells synthetic, which do not hold for a long time. And that the house was a pleasant smell of cleanness for a long time, for example, try to refinish furniture with natural beeswax. There are cleaning products with tea tree oil. Also you yourself when cleaning can add a few drops of essential oil. But "Granny" tools are good too! If cleaning of kitchen furniture and accessories to use baking soda and vinegar, it is possible to completely eliminate many odors, especially the smell "stale". And to disinfect the air in the apartment, it is sufficient to spray spray a little water with a few drops of lavender oil.

But air fresheners will not fit. Their smell is pure chemistry, it just creates visibility. Air fresheners can cause allergies and not all are harmless to Pets.

As you can see, there are many sources for flavors!

And now, most importantly – where and how should smell. To feel the harmony, you need to follow the rules of use of flavors in separate rooms of the apartment:

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Entrance hall. In the hallway the best smell is coffee, tea tree, pine smell.
Living room. The most suitable is a fruity smell, faint flowery, better not a specific flower, and the composition of fragrances – sandalwood, orange and tangerine, birch leaves, aroma of mint, the smell of honey.
Bedroom. Here priority is given to lavender, violet, rose, juniper, fir, orange.
Office. The best scent for the office – lemon. It increases efficiency by 30 percent! With this purpose, the smell of lemon and is used in many offices abroad. In second place – the scent of eucalyptus. But you can still use the flavors of thyme, sage, mint.
Bathroom. A place where you can use strong flavors. Best – juniper, spruce, fir, lime, ylang ylang, lavender, sage.
Kitchen. It is better not to use any fragrances except natural odors of foods, herbs and spices.

Choosing fragrances for the home, you need to pay attention that not everyone likes the same smells, but everyone has a favorite, "core" flavors, those that are associated with a happy life and comfort.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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