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Many legendary in the history of fashion woman posing spirits above all clothes and jewelry. The ideal would be that the flavor of the final image of a hint, the unique piece that will stand you out from the crowd. Do not underestimate the power of the spirits of all those floral, spicy, fruity, citrus, oriental and woody scents. As the famous Coco Chanel:

Perfume - is invisible, but unforgettable, unsurpassed fashion accessory. It signals the emergence of women and continues to remind her when she yshla.

1. Brilliant jewel of Guerlain

Time will pass, and you'll forget what she was wearing, but the smell of her perfume will remain in your memory. Christian Dior
Resplendent in all new fragrance Guerlain - it is not only an unforgettable fragrance and stunning design. Flickering flame in a crystal, the drop-down vessel - is inaccessible to many, but this attractive luxury.

In general, the history of the brand, this House has always sought to create a special, exceptional and not like anything flavors. The history of perfume from Guerlain has its origins back in the mid-19th century, when it was adopted by the first order of Napoleon III. Perfume for Empress Eugénie became the first in the series of the legendary collector of flavors with a golden bee, which, incidentally, is the heraldic symbol of the Bonapartes.

Bees bottles - the distinguishing sign of such collections as the Les Eaux and Les Parisiennes. It has been over 150 years, this legendary bottle has been and remains the main symbol of Guerlain.

Design is still ideal Guerlain fragrances every year is getting smarter and smarter. Aromas Series L`Abeille de Guerlain and floral fragrance Le Paradis Interdit, for example, for several years produced in limited series of luxury crystal bees.

But the true splendor - a new perfume La Secret de la Reine. This bottle with diamonds even eclipsed, perhaps the aroma. By royal sparkling bee can also be worn as a necklace or a brooch. Striking splendor and brilliance of diamonds 215 of a bottle leaves no one indifferent. About 14 carats of diamonds set in gold, unique flavor, unique design and movement - all this makes the perfume La Secret de la Reine is truly bright and brilliant event in the field of perfumery. Such a luxury few can afford, because the cost of such spirits flakonchike - 300 000 euro (15 million. Rubles).

La Secret de la Reine

2. Dolce - new fragrance Dolce & Gabbana

They say that in France, women spend on perfume more than the state of the army. But their victories and more. Yanina Ipohorskaya
The new fragrance Dolce & Gabbana in a gentle, simple bottle takes not its striking design and light, feminine scent. The composition opens the freshness of neroli aroma and a very bright note - white amaryllis. Interestingly, the original flavor of this tropical flower from South Africa for the first time used in perfumery.

In addition to tropical notes of neroli and leaves of papaya flowers, the aroma felt magical combination of white lilies and daffodils, warm notes of musk wood, cashmere and oriental spices.

The cost - about 2000 rubles.

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

3. Ballet fragrance Iris Prima

At any moment of my life I was escorted to the spirits ... I'd rather forget sunglasses or a key, than go out of the house, not perfumed ... Catherine Deneuve
One of the biggest innovations of the past January can be called magical fragrance from British brand Penhaligon's. Inspired by the craftsmanship of the English National Ballet, the fragrance from the brand impresses with its lightness, airiness and charming weightlessness.

Fragrance free butterflies and birds, graceful movements, the ease and carefree - spirits Iris Prima best that gave the world of perfumery this winter. The legendary perfumer of the brand created an unforgettable fragrance based on iris absolute, the process of creating which fascinates with its well thought-out and complicated. Complement solo aroma of white musk and benzoin. The result is a wonderful combination of sweet flowers and freshness of citrus fruits, which are reminiscent of the ease and grace of ballet approx.

"Absolute iris expresses unbeatable elegance - says perfumer Olivier legend Polzh. - The nature and depth of its exclusive and unlike anything. His velvety charm reminds me of a great old powder that surpass time and fashion. "

The cost - about 5000 rubles.

Iris Prima

4. Born in Paradise Escada for women

Perfume - a memory that does not fail. Pierre Cardin
Limited summer fragrance from Escada is the best suited for the upcoming summer of 2014. Bright floral-fruity fragrance of a series of regular summer spirits in a fun packaging will accompany you at the resorts and hot summer days, when so needed breath of fresh air. The new fragrance invites you to a tropical paradise with notes of green apple, guava and watermelon.

The cost - about 3000 rubles.

Born in Paradise Escada for women

5. Tenderness Brit Rhythm of Burberry

- What you wear at night?
- Just a little "Chanel No. 5". Marilyn Monroe
To finish this mini-review we would like scent more affordable, but no less spectacular. Light, slightly tart flavor of the British lavender, heady notes of orange tree and faint accents of vetiver result in an easy, carefree and gentle combination for every day.

If you look feminine and elegant floral aromas with light notes of musk, it is highly recommended to opt for a Brit Rhythm of Burberry, really spring air and perfume.

Price - from 2000 to 3500 rubles, depending on ml.

By the way, this fragrance is and double for men:


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