"Who owns the smell, he owns the hearts of the people"

Now, one does not need to be ashamed of a specific smell of feces during defecation, as well as these pills can help replace an unpleasant odor when deflation intestinal gas outward, filling the air with the pleasant aroma.
Ukrainian perfumery company Bezstuzhev & Donskoy is made exclusive fragrances has made a breakthrough in the world of fragrances, namely dragees created for flavoring feces in humans.

"Aromatic compositions drageesĀ»

Ben intense freshness, tart flavor of the sea
Blue tart, spicy flavor of the sea
Spring elegant floral fragrance
Vibration sensory flavor of kiwi and citrus
Victoria feminine floral-fruity, perfumed aroma
Winter cold nature strict fragrance
Vacations bright aroma of exotic fruits
Calvin Klein unisex-scent of Calvin Klein One
Clara vezhaya, flower arrangement with oriental notes
Creative cool mint light floral accents on the basis
Cream Balm gentle aroma of baby powder and cream with floral notes
Cream powder soft floral scent with a strong smell of powder
Chris spicy flavor herb green
Summer mix fresh fruit mixture
Summer sea breeze fragrance with notes of tropical fruits
Lily fresh fruity floral fragrance
Marina fresh scent of sea breeze
Mark spicy men's perfume fragrance
The sky is clear, fresh composition with perfume note
Autumn fallen leaves and the smell of hay
Reflecting the fresh fragrance of the sea
Robert fruity-spicy fragrance with woody notes
Simon pleasant masculine fragrance with oriental notes
Fresh office maritime flavor with a hint of grapefruit and mint
North Sea, fresh sea aroma with notes of green
The secret of spicy, oriental, pleasant fragrance for men
The duo sensation of vanilla and peach
Sofia dizzying floral fragrance
Calm balanced harmonious aroma of apple, orange and vanilla
Pacific Ocean warm aroma
Tuscany gentle seductive aroma of flower mixture
Tropicana ensemble of aromas of tropical fruits
Hendrik fruity aroma with subtle hints of sandalwood
Cyano noble, male, light woody
Clean air is a light scent of nature: herbs, lemon, mint
Energy increasing attention blend of flavors of lemon and mint



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