5 side effects of high heels

It is no secret that the daily wearing of high heels can affect your posture and health in General. Let's try to understand in details which can lead to a love of high heels.

Osteoarthrosis of the most common diseases among those who like to flaunt heels. According to scientists, prolonged wearing of heels has a strong influence on the development of osteoarthritis of the knee and degenerative changes of the joints. Osteoporosis develops due to the fact that changing the center of gravity and load on the knee joint, which over time can start to break down.

Pain in the joint of the big Alcaide one unfortunate consequence of wearing shoes — pain in the base of the big toe. Most often it occurs because of an inflammation of the membrane of the joint is the soft tissues that surround it. In addition, there is often numbness and redness of the toes due to the increased load on them. Usually these symptoms disappear after a change of shoes more comfortable.

Neuroma, Mortona the existence of the dangerous side effect of wearing heels have to know girls who prefer stilettos with a narrow nose. In such shoes, the toes are compressed, so soft tissues and nerves become thinner and deformed, which leads to the development of tumors of nerve tissue.

Problem with schoolemail you wear heels more often than 5 days a week, your tendons are unlikely to tell you thank you. Because of this load of fibers of the gastrocnemius reduced 13%. In addition, according to the journal of Experimental biology, this activity leads to thinning of the Achilles tendon. All of these problems alter the natural position of the foot alone, as the toe descends below normal.

Back achillobursitis one terrible word, which you know firsthand, if you are going to abuse high heels. What characterizes this state? You will notice a bony growth just above the heel. It will touch the soft tissue around the Achilles tendon, causing pain. For prevention of this syndrome, experts advise to perform daily stretching exercises to relieve tension from the Achilles tendon.published


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