What should be the perfect heel for women?

Everyone knows that high heels help a woman be more attractive and sexy. But often chadi minute beauty women have to risk their health, if not to risk it. Podiatrist Michael O'neill found that the negative impact of heels on women's health, you can minimize if you choose low heel.

After another study, Michael O'neill found that heel height of about 4.5 cm ideal for women's health. In addition, it was found that to walk in such shoes on a small heel even more useful than the shoes on a flat sole. Of course best if you wear shoes with a heel no more than 20 minutes, and then you need to take a little break.

Although in our turbulent times, it is actually not possible. If a woman constantly wears high heels when walking her in high heels have to lift the heel much higher than expected. And as it does, the center of gravity shifts forward. To compensate, the woman has to bend lower back — it's awful spoils the position of the spine.

Lover of high heels threatens sciatica — pinched and inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the lumbosacral spine. It is important to remember that children wear shoes with a heel generally do not under any circumstances! At the tender age of the body only is formed, and the wearing of improper shoes may lead to irreparable consequences.

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