10 tricks for a flawless gait on heels

From many men can be heard: "There is nothing worse than a woman who wore heels and can not go to them." But sometimes you want to feel like a top model!

< Website draws your attention to these tips from WikiHow, which can help to look confident in his favorite shoes.

1. Make small steps

To look elegant, you need to make small, slow steps, without bending his knees more than usual. If you try to walk well, as we usually do in a comfortable shoe, it will look unnatural gait. So if you have decided on an extreme altitude, you have not in a hurry.

2. We step from heel to toe

To look natural gait, it is necessary to attack not the whole foot and on the heel first, and then gently put a sock. Once the arch of the foot takes your weight, move it forward as if about to walk on tiptoe, and then push down to make a new step.

3. Keeping your back straight

It is impossible to imagine a beautiful woman without beautiful posture. To do so, straighten your shoulders, keep the chin parallel to the floor. Then the abdominal muscles will strain, abdomen retracted, you will look slimmer and lighter.

4. Marching along a straight line

In order to achieve a gait pattern, you need to imagine what lies ahead is drawn a straight line and follow it. The leg should be placed directly in front of the other foot, socks look right, so there are a few hip wiggle. We'll have to work out, but it's worth it: all men will turn heads wherever

5.. Preparing to enter the house

If ahead of significant event (a wedding, for example), some of the things you need to do in advance to look perfect:

  • work-out walk. For an entire evening on his heels was not extreme for you, and that on the bottom there were minor scratches and she became less slippery;
  • Spacing shoes. Neraznoshennaya + shoes on their feet all night = nightmare. There are several ways to soften new shoes: Wear wool socks, a new pair of shoes and walk as 10 minutes
  • get your hands on the ladder.. We get down - comes complete stop, climb - only stepping on the toes
  • Use the comfortable insoles and linings.. If after trying on you realize that somewhere slides and insole could be back, do not take the time and money on accessories. So long as save and shoes, and feet. 6. Learning to stand on heels

    It is important not only to be able to walk, but nice to stand on his heels. To do this, the heel of one foot at an angle to put to the middle of the foot the other foot. Then move the weight on his feet socks to which the charge of the other leg heel, and as soon as the leg gets tired, shift the weight to the other leg.

    7. Give your feet rest

    To striding as much and long as possible, the best time to make a break from time to time. Shoes better not to shoot: tired feet quickly swell again to get into the shoes can be painful

    8.. Not abuse high heels

    Alternate different heel height, but the preference was given to wear comfortable shoes. Constant wearing of pins may be harmful to health.

    9. Choosing the right shoes

    If you all my life walked in sneakers, you do not need to rush into the pool with his head, and immediately buy their own 10-cm studs. Start with a more sustainable and low heel (5-7 cm). Pay your attention to the wedges and shoes with a strap around the ankle: They are more convenient because they stop slides less and is easier to maintain balance

    10.. Correctly select the size

    Nothing will save the gait in tight shoes, so under any circumstances do not buy shoes, if you do just a little too tight. If choosing between a large and a little tight shoes, make choice in favor of one that is more: it can be worn with liner, and a pair of tight, nothing will save, and you will regret buying

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