15 unexpected ways to use food film, about which you had no idea

It would seem, well, what more could you not be aware of the most common food film? It turns out that there are non-trivial ways of its use, which is not familiar to all.

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Preserve the freshness of bananas

To bananas were black and retain needed moisture, base clusters are best wrapped in plastic wrap. So they remain fresh and tasty.

Poleznota Beauty

Any skin cleansing mask, especially with the effect of decoupling, will work even better if applied on top of the funds apply plastic wrap.

Ideal neprolivajka

If the cover glass of the liquid cling film and pierce her tube, you get the best way to drink even on the run. It is simply impossible to spill the drink.

For creativity with children

A great way to draw a picture of a baby, do not dirty your hands. You just have to put tubes of paint on cardboard, cover it with foil and hands to create a bright picture in the abstract style.

Fruit trap for mosquitoes

To get rid of lice at home, only need to cut any fruit in the cup, close it with cling film and a knife to make a small hole. Midges stop pestering you.

Freshness bouquet

If the pack colors feet in moist napkin or cloth, and then in plastic wrap, then your bouquet will stay fresh much longer before it will put into the water. In addition, the film prevents the ingress of water on the paper wrapper.

Easy relocation

In order not to remove things from the dresser, devices of the boxes or boxes of stuff when you move, you can simply pack their film. So things are not scattered, the cover of the dishes do not get lost and everything will arrive at a new place.

Best way to cook a poached egg

The easiest way to cook a poached egg for breakfast - it is put on a saucer film, grease it with vegetable oil, divided into her egg roll wrap and put in boiling water for 3 minutes

trick for painting
If roller for painting walls already applied paint, but I want to catch my breath a little, avoid drying the roller can be simply wrapped it in plastic wrap. The same can be done with any brushes.

Always clean the refrigerator

If the refrigerator shelves lay a cling film, it will facilitate the work seriously hostess. After all, even if refrigerated shed egg, it is enough to just throw out the tape and lay clean.

Shampoos and gels in preservation

To suitcase without spilling shampoos and shower gels, it is necessary only to remove their caps, roll up the neck with cling film and close the tubes again. Such a method will protect against leakage and cosmetics, and things.

Mini greenhouse

In order for any seeds sprouted quickly, you just after landing and abundant watering pot close the film. This will prevent germs from drying out, and they germinate faster.

Homemade sausages

Any beef if wrap it in plastic wrap and cook for a few, turned into delicious homemade sausages.

Will store taste wine

If left in a bottle of wine and it should be maintained, it is best to pour it through the plastic wrap in a glass carafe and close the neck of the same film. With this method of storage of the wine is not absorbs odor and taste jams and will not lose its flavor.

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