Correction of problem areas shape using cling film

The sauna effect helps to adjust the shape. To create the right climate allows a regular food film we use in everyday life. Body wrap for weight loss – what effect ensures this procedure is how often it should be use?

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The question of the effectiveness of the Wrapping film for weight loss — based on what the effectiveness of this procedure? By itself, the wrap has fat-burning properties – it is needed to create the sauna effect. Closing air access to the skin, and creating the greenhouse effect, the film thus provoke increased sweating. Then go out of body decay products, toxins, excess intercellular fluid. Due to the loss of moisture problem area is tightened, it gets a clear line. To enhance the sweating on the body over the film is usually put on warm clothes. Additional effect, provide physical exercise (you can perform some simple exercises or to do homework). However, it is acceptable to just lie under a warm blanket film in any way supports the greenhouse effect. In addition to the fluid removal procedure wrap with cling film and provides additional effects – it increases the flow of blood and lymph in the problem area, making neytralizuya stagnation, accelerates the burning of fat, smoothen cellulite bumps, increases skin tone.

Contraindications Food film for weight loss should not be used in the presence of pathologies of kidneys and the pancreas. This procedure is invalid with diabetes, and when metabolic disorders, varicose veins and hypertension. It is impossible to make wraps if the treated area of skin problems, wounds, rashes. Wraps belly contraindicated in gynecological problems.

Rules of procedure of body Wrap for weight loss can be as dry body, and after application of the composition of the fat burning (cold or hot). The first option is practiced in sports, but it is not perfect. In the film to perform the exercises is not very comfortable – much preferable to buy fat burning underwear. Wraps of various compositions are considered to be very effective – in this case, the greenhouse effect combined with the warming and stimulation of the treated area. Fat is actively burned, decomposition products are excreted with sweat, the skin gets the required nourishment and moisture.

Before the procedure you need to conduct a preparation stage – take a shower, treat problem areas with a scrub. Massage the body, using special massage MITT or just a stiff sponge. Rinse off the scrub, Pat the body with a towel. The preparation stage allows to open the pores, thereby increasing the penetration of useful components and increasing perspiration.

The composition applied to the body, can be cold and hot. After application, cover the treated area with tape, starting at the bottom and moving up. It is recommended to apply at least two layers of film. Secure it at the top, wear something warm. The exposure time depends on the composition will be used (average the procedure takes from 30 to 60 minutes but can be extended up to 90 minutes). After the procedure, take a shower and be sure to treat skin cream.

Reviews of Weight loss through the food wrap has the most positive feedback. This procedure tightens the problem areas of the body, enhances the effectiveness of diet and sports loads.



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