20 photos that perfectly captured the moment

Life is so fleeting, that we often do not notice how the our day or even a year. But every second of the time there is something amazing! And it is worth just for a moment to stand still as now you witness something amazing

Website publish photos, each of which -. Frame per million. Artfully capture a moment turned the seemingly ordinary snapshots into the emotional stories with strings, the culmination and denouement.

We overslept again!

You think I'm afraid of you?

This hussar

We meet

Well, measure the length?

I also think that he is cheating us

I look like a Pegasus ?

all-all! You caught me!

Before and after

I tasteless!

the rain

Amazing metamorphosis in nature

Plastic cat

I promised you a plane
< br>

Flying gait

Sinister kidnapping

View from the top


I know you!

Rustic Romance

Photos on the preview Alla Ryzhenko

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