20 photos that perfectly captured the moment

Life is so fleeting, that we often do not notice how the our day or even a year. But every second of the time there is something amazing! And it is worth just for a moment to stand still as now you witness something amazing.

< Website publish photos, each of which - the frame in a million. Artfully capture a moment turned the seemingly ordinary snapshots into the emotional stories with strings, the culmination and denouement.

We overslept again! H3>

Do you think I'm afraid of you? H3>

This Hussar h3>

Here we met h3>

Well, to measure the length? H3>

I also think that he is cheating us h3>

Do I look like Pegasus? H3>

Everything-everything! You caught me! H3>

Before and after h3>

I tasteless! H3>

The rain h3>

Amazing metamorphosis in nature

Plastic cat h3>

I promised you a plane h3>

Flying gait h3>

Sinister abduction h3>

View from the Top h3>

Hallelujah! H3>

I know you! H3>

Rustic Romance h3>

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