These guys can compete with any queen instagrama

Photos on social networks has long been turned into a separate genre with its scenes, characters and situations. This is especially true of images of the fair sex. "I am in the gym," "My legs against the sea", "This is what I ate for breakfast today" - all this, if you search well, there is every owner's account on Facebook or Instagram.Chto Well, the more room for jokes!

Website offers a look at the guys who parodies the typical female images on social networks and makes it so skillfully that not to smile simply impossible.

If a bad day, just pretend to be a mermaid!

As Kendall Jenner. And even better

We like Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell?

Interestingly, there are princess with a beard?

Marilyn, is that you?

Because oral hygiene is very important

most fashionable in a radius of 10,000 km

She said "yes"!

When the window is dark and cold

There is nothing better than the foam bath and a good book!

The summer and fun ready!

I hope I do not look fat strip

Little joy for women

When the money was only enough for one cocktail

most precious cargo
< br>

See how beautifully fly spray!

which one is better?

indulging in a favorite

legs and sausages ?

Kim, you've got no chance!

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