10 cases where the animals are brought to justice (10 photos)

G / R number S2559

Labrador Retriever named Pep, who lived in Pike County, Pennsylvania, had the misfortune to be a neighbor of the governor Pinsho. One hot summer day in 1924, this friendly dog ​​came to a temporary insanity and killed the cat Mrs. Pinsho. The Governor was furious and insisted on an immediate hearing.

The heat of passion did not save a dog - she was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to the state prison in Philadelphia. The jailers long time could not decide whether to assign the dog prison number, but in the end won the tradition. So Pep became z / k number S2559. This story has a happy ending. Pep The prison was surrounded by universal love, he was allowed to change the inmates at will. While the prisoners were building a new prison building in Greyterforde, Pennsylvania, the dog every morning climbed the prison bus, he heard his number. In 1930, after six men (ie, forty-two dog) years imprisonment Pep died of old age.

Juvenile offenders

Among the animals are brought to justice, occupy a special place pig. In the Middle Ages left unattended pigs often attack small children. After the arrest, they were placed in solitary confinement, was recorded as "pig-so," and then publicly hanged in compliance with all formalities. In the annals of animal vessels mentioned many famous pig-criminals.

One of the most unusual cases heard in Savigny, France, in 1457. The sow and her six piglets were accused of being "deliberately and maliciously" killed five year old boy, Jean Martin. Sow was convicted and hung by the hind legs. But he was guilty of pigs, which are found at the crime scene of blood? Master piglets Jean Baillie is obliged to make a pledge for them and take them to himself until the second hearing. But Baillie said that he had no money, and in addition, refused to vouch for the law-abiding behavior of piglets in the future. Three weeks later, they appeared in court. Taking into account their young age and lack of convincing evidence of their guilt, the court was lenient. Piglets given the care of a local nobleman, and Baillie freed from paying any costs.

Hardened criminals

Perhaps the most famous trial of the animals took place in Basel in 1474. On the dock there was a rooster, who was accused that he laid an egg, with no yolk. In those days it was thought that such eggs are hatching witches in league with Satan, bringing one hatch deadly winged serpents.

It was almost hopeless, and even the lawyer did not dare to claim that his client is innocent. He built a defense on the fact that the rooster does not deal with the devil, and the egg carried by chance and without malice. After a lengthy trial judge concluded that cock possessed by the devil. Rooster and egg were burned large crowds. This case is remembered in 1710 when a Frenchman, made a report at the Academy, which argued that the egg without the yolk - a manifestation of a disease of chickens.

Success Stories

In 1877, in New York, some of Mary O 'Shea was bitten finger monkey organ grinder. Mary demanded compensation, but the judge rejected it, saying it can not judge that monkey. Mary rage jumped out of the courtroom.

The monkey is dressed in a scarlet coat and a velvet cap, demonstrated their agreement with the decision of the court: she put her tail gas lamp on the desk of the judge and tried to shake his hand. At the police incident log stayed this entry: "Name: Jimmy Dill. Lesson: Monkey. Position: justified ».

Difficulties trip

In 1963, in Tripoli, 75 pigeons were sentenced to death. Smugglers trained pigeons to carry the bill through the Libyan border from Greece, Italy and Egypt.


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