11 unexpected ways to use a deodorant that will make your life easier

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Most people causing antiperspirants only to the underarm area and do not know that their application is much wider.

Site gathered for you unusual ways of using this tool, which, oddly enough, work.

From sweating under the breast

Lucky winner of a lush breast in hot weather can be not at all happy about their volumes. Yes, this is no joke! The area under our Breasts is also sweating and can cause embarrassment due to unpleasant spots when we wear tight clothes.

  • To avoid this, apply antiperspirant under Breasts.

When "stale" hair

Often we are so busy, no time to wash the head.

  • A temporary escape from greasy roots will become a deodorant: simply inflict a small amount of parted — it will absorb excess fat.

To sunglasses slipping

In the summer of glasses on our nose actively sweating. It's very irritating, because glasses in this case and strive to leave our nose. Besides the feeling of a wet nose is not pleasant.

  • Do the following thing: before you leave home apply a little deodorant-antiperspirant on the nose in contact with glasses.

From unpleasant foot odor

Many familiar situation when athlete's foot prefer not to visit, just not to take your shoes off in someone else's house and not blush because of the unpleasant smell.

  • To fix this problem is simple: apply antiperspirant on the inner side of the foot and put on your shoes.

Against the "intractable" skinny jeans

Skinny jeans, perhaps, there is in every girl's wardrobe. But to get into them is sometimes a real challenge. And it's not always in over-eaten bun: the body may be elementary to sweat because of the hot weather or nervousness.

  • Help deodorant stick: apply it on legs and hips before beginning the process.

Anti-itch from insect bites

Perhaps, in the warm time of year, there is one drawback — mosquitoes. Most deodorants contain aluminum salts, which perfectly relieve itching and act instantly.

  • Use a deodorant after the evening picnic in the summer.

When sweating behind the knees and on the back

These areas are also very likely to leave in the summer, treacherous stains on clothes.

  • Play in advance: before leaving the house apply antiperspirant deodorant to dry skin behind the knees and on the back.

Sweating above the lip

In a stuffy room or in hot weather above the upper lip there are droplets of sweat, which can not cope powder. Besides constantly fix your makeup with it is not always convenient.

  • You can do so: apply a small amount of antiperspirant on the upper lip.

When finished the liquid nail Polish remover

At the moment, I need to escape in cases detected by the imperfect condition of the manicure. What to do if, unfortunately, the liquid nail Polish remover over?

  • Save on deodorant: picnice on cotton wool or directly on the nails. It dries quickly, so wipe the nail Polish immediately.

For "taming" a new pair of shoes

This life hack is designed to solve a global issue. What woman has not acquired a gorgeous pair of shoes, which is convenient, except that to sit?

  • Now you do not need to stock up on packs of band-aid. Apply solid deodorant on the sides of the foot and from the heel to the ankle on posterior surface. It works as a protective lubricant and protect against rubs.

From cold on the lips

Perhaps the most unexpected use of deodorant-antiperspirant. Although we are for the treatment of any disease did the doctor not to share this home remedy for herpes on lips we can't.

  • Using deodorant to prevent the appearance of fluid-filled bubbles: it is enough regularly lubricate them cold on the lips avoiding dryness of the skin.

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