EcoATM-a company that pays for garbage in the form of broken gadgets

Increasingly the problem of disposing of old mobile devices. Company ecoATM has created a special infoboxes in which consumers will be able to donate unwanted mobile phone or player and immediately cash it in.


Supported by the National science Foundation developed a system that can recognize and evaluate the device. A user installs your old mobile in a special compartment of the infobox and after careful scanning, the screen indicates the amount that the company ecoATM is willing to pay for an unnecessary device.


In the base of the infobox has over 4,000 models of mobile phones. Are even not working device or significant defects. It is worth noting that the whole, but out of fashion phones, ecoATM company simply sells and unclaimed models recycled further.

It would seem that such a device would be perfect for street thieves, but ecoATM has thought about this option. First and foremost is scanned a unique number, all known IMEI that maps the device number with the numbers stolen on a police database. In addition to this, after you agree to complete the transaction, the machine will ask you to apply to the special scanner a driver's license, then you need to leave your fingerprint, and only then will you receive the promised amount of money.

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