Heels in Hollywood are all, always and everywhere

Heels in Hollywood are all, always and everywhere. Starting with the Oscars and ending ordinary stroll from the dog on a 20-centimeter heels. I honestly have no idea how some women manage to walk in these shoes. Yes there walk like they do not even stand? Yes, it is certainly nice, but how is it painful! Okay, most celebrities, the practice of special doctors and all that, but when all else girl walks on huge heels - it looks not so nice.

Since then, Taylor Momsen as seriously took up a career in the music world, flat shoes to see her almost unreal. Singer obviously does not care about their health, she is very busy rock career: on stage without heels she could. But apparently the same rules, and it sticks in your life.

One can hardly find a more convinced groupie heels than Viktoriya Beckham, which is not life without them and refuses to wear shoes without studs. Now the singer / fashion designer is going through its best times. Doctors warned Vicki knowingly about the dangerous consequences of such interests: now the star to be a surgical operation on his feet.

But she is in no hurry to give their consent for the operation. Victoria forced every night to put the feet of ice and perform special exercises to avoid it.

I hate ballet flats. I can not walk in them. They are for ballet classes, I do not wear. I love kabluki.

Tabloidy called Suri Cruise most isporchennym child Gollivuda: three goda devochka beginning lipstick and heels hodit. Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes surely grow big fashionista. Baby is already a shortage of its pins, Suri took up my mother!

Another fan of "torturers": seventeen year old Dakota Fanning. Actress had to appear in the film "The Runaways" on huge heels, and went running. Now heels - is the main element of the wardrobe girl.

And finally, Kim Kardashian. Here and say there is nothing: the reasons for which she always wears high-heeled shoes is obvious - without them, Kim looks like a very small Hippo.


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