This insidious heel

High heel contributes to a shift of the pelvis and curvature of the spine. Treacherous heels spoils the beauty of the legs with bunches of the veins and deformed feet. Appear painful blisters, my feet are starting to swell and get tired very quickly. Some lovers of high heels even developing arthritis of the knee. This means that each output in the trendy shoes is becoming a serious challenge for them.


The foot gets the most from the treacherous heel. The weight of the body assume the toes, and the heel tendon atrophy. The arch of the foot is lowered, but this is common among beautiful flat. Women in high heels more common so-called transverse flat feet: the bones between the foot and the phalanges differ, and the bone of the big toe begins to bulge hideously. No shoes until the end will not hide the shape of the deformed foot.

High heels are not recommended especially for the ladies with a substantial weight; women who by virtue of their profession are long in the legs. And – in any case – it is impossible to walk on them expectant mothers, the legs of which are subjected to high load. Furthermore, high heels will aggravate any back problems and diseases of the feet.


What – not to give up heel? Not at all, to our feet a small heel even necessary. If you constantly walk on a flat sole, the foot does not receive the necessary support. And again, flat feet, pain in spine... And it look good in the loafers or sneakers may be only a small graceful leg.

One way out – for constant wear choose shoes with a strong heel height 5 cm above the shoes with a good toe normal for your foot shape, and the top models should tightly clasp the ankle. Will help a variety of lacing and straps.

The best material for shoes continues to be regarded as genuine good leather: foot in leather shoes breathes well and the material smartly follows the shape of the foot.

And how treacherous high heels? Elegant shoes with an increased heel is appropriate for a romantic date, and on any festive evening. Learning nice and easy to walk in such shoes, you will be the center of attention.


Home give feet much-needed rest. Take a warm bath and gently massage your feet. Then lubricate them with cream. Your morning for more practical shoes, and shoes high heels will have to wait until next time. Of course, they will always have a special place in the wardrobe of beautiful women.



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