What is flatfoot and how you do it

Flat feet is an artificially created defect – the result of exposure to medicines, footwear and incompetent athletic training. The first chemical and the second and third – mechanically affecting the muscles and joints of the person.

Honey. drugs and shoes inhibit fine motor skills of the foot, and mediocre workouts form the wrong sequence of muscles.

As a result, defective become not only the joints but the gait is the main source of problems of the musculoskeletal apparatus.


Thirty five million nine hundred sixty two thousand seven hundred sixty three


Now more on each impact.


Medical preparation

Remember that is prescribed to our children from the very first days of life? ...Vaccinations and medications that reduce muscle tone!!!


According to immunologists, the main side effect from vaccines — blow to the Central nervous system after which there is a "causeless" does not stop the baby's crying. Remember their babies, especially in the first year of life. They had long been sleeping, even in the first weeks after birth "20 hours a day," as it is written in the old rules for caring for babies. Mostly, from the hospital, the entire family pulls their hand, unable to understand the reason of crying and whims.


This is quite a long subject. There are books, videos, a strange and bitter experiences. Since I do not put children even p. Mantoux and do not give pills. If you're interested, ask a search engine — Chervonka, "Truth about vaccinations" or nametester .


All healthy children before starting to walk, train your feet, prepare them for the upcoming load, DRAWING in the FINGERS. This is a beautiful reaction of a healthy body. We have called this a defect and do everything NOT to give the child time and the right shape of the foot.


On the foot are the smallest leg muscles. They are responsible for the coordination of movements, correct form joints and support your foot arch.


Vaccinations also destroy immune system and can cause redistribution of muscle tone in the direction of the defect. If you'll carefully observe the development of motor skills of your child (as the woman in question No. 322 guest book), you'll see for yourself. But, again, to solve the problem, you must use the correct movements. In place of this, we strongly recommend medication to decrease muscle tone.


Do You think anti-anxiety drugs act selectively on a specific muscle, reducing only its tone, or reduce the tonus of all muscles? If You drink Valerian (or alcohol), relax a specific muscle or all?....


What happens with "muscle tone" after the medication? …


The tone is strong, a little will decrease, and the weak, in General, can lose to atrophy! In any case, the balance of power (for the better) will not change. Weak, weaker, remains strong. Then why lower the tone and poison the child's chemistry?.. And, if you remember that, drug efficacy depends on the dose and the dose from the muscle mass, get what we have today — the smallest muscles of the leg (foot) will receive a loading dose of relaxation. What happens to the foot when the child begins to walk?....


The result is known to all –more than 80% of children with pronounced defects of the foot!

If someone doesn't believe in medication-the roots of the defects of the foot, quote (http://www.detskiivrach.ru/services/vrogdennaya-kosolapost/): "Statistical studies showed that for such diseases as congenital clubfoot is characteristic of respiratory diseases of the mother in early pregnancy, antipyretics".


Add to this the almost regular techniques future moms drugs of calming the tone of the uterus under the slogan – "threat of miscarriage". Do you think that this "calms" the baby. ... .



Contrary to all laws of biomechanics and physiology is ugly, elevated to the rank of "fashion". And again we elaborately kill fine motor skills, particularly of the toes, holding them narrow and thin socks shoes. Using unnatural forms of soles create negative points to the destruction of joints and disorders of movement coordination of the whole body.


The mechanism of occurrence of these points is described in the article "the influence of modern shoes on our feet ...."here on the website. That's one of the drawings for explaining the mechanism of occurrence of additional negative points on the foot (DM) of the Shoe.


Eighty five million seven hundred five thousand nine hundred seventy seven


Rear view, left leg.


Experiments confirming the presence of these forces was held a while ago, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences A. S. Vitenson (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Прямохождение)


Look at the graph of the resulting force of support reaction that occurs when the step is wearing the person.


Nine million thirty seven thousand one hundred sixty one

The lateral component of the support reaction .


Graph, for clarity, turned around 90g. So that the axis of the length of the cycle coincides with the direction of movement (axis of the foot).


Note the crazy magnitude of lateral forces, instantly changing the direction of the impact on the opposite. Horror!!! A complete imbalance! And it with EVERY step!


I hope now it is clear why break the joints of our feet!?


In addition to this outrage, we supply the shoes with insoles, with arch supports that, and I quote the user manual (see highlighted): "... the instep "SIESTA"is used for carrying not more than 4 hours a day, to avoid weakening the foot muscles and progression of the flatfoot. Arch support design allows you to replace the lost function of the longitudinal and transverse arches...." (http://www.lubavak.ru/catalog02.php ). Yes, Yes, that's right – treat a flat foot with insoles, arch supports, same as to treat bedsores comfortable lying.


Finally worsens the situation and orthopedic shoes. Structurally, it is made in such a way that increases described above, the negative moments (DM), in comparison with the usual shoes.


Sports training

If we ignore the advertising of sport and sober look at training methods from the point of view of physiology, it is easy to see that the promised health, there is no smell. Anyone know athletes centenarians? Hardly. And athletes have become disabled (physical and mental)? Any number!!!


Essentially, each section is preparing their "freaks", because the main task of any coach is to produce a result in the shortest time!!! Therefore, the exercises are designed to develop some motor skills, cultivated in this sport, to the detriment of others. One-sided load on the muscles, incorrectly forms the joints. The result is slouching boxers, volleyball players (even the acrobats and swimmers), bow-legged wrestlers and gymnasts, scoliose dancers, etc. the Skilled person will easily determine the gait, in which section the person formed your musculoskeletal system, which acquired the basic motor skills and defects.


This phenomenon is called disharmony, NOT harmony, NOT health – SICKNESS.


Sport is a war for victory, medals, money, fame, etc. And in war, as in war, winning is NOT HONEST at any price.

However, we call it is somehow noble terms: stratagem, numerical superiority, surprise (and preferably from the back), misinformation, distraction, military mystery, etc. But, because the Russian language has other words for such situations: FRAUD, seven for one, out of Tishka, LIES, fake, hiding the truth. And the more you have succeeded in this "tricks" the more you have of orders, medals, money, power. So? ....


Let's all just call a spade a spade. To the true nobility, the war is irrelevant!


Who seriously played sports, participated in the "sports" BATTLES, easily the analogy with the sport of "trick", which is felt and which has been used by myself.

Summing up the above, we conclude that on formation of defects of the foot, and flat, in particular, runs the whole SYSTEM.

Modern orthopedics has long does not cure flat feet, she makes it!

Today, no orthopedic surgeon will not tell you what should be the healthy foot and why.


Ask specific questions:


1. What is the shape of the foot is correct (does not depend on the type and individual to individual)? Let them show at least some photos of the right foot, with explanations of why so and not otherwise.

2. What criteria (specifically in the figures) can be estimated well-formed foot? On what scientific data (studies) are based these figures?

3. How to be located the main axis of the foot and why?

4. How are the axes of the joints of the foot relative to each other (in particular the axis of the subtalar joint axis Enki) and what their relative positions relative to other joints of the foot?

5. The principle of stop and using what scientific knowledge do you test it? Just specify that the "principle of spring" — passes. Not least because that does not happen with spring hinges.

6. Where can I read about the results of scientific research in this area? Who are the authors of these studies?

Maybe you are lucky and you find someone who will be able to give you answers to these questions. Personally, I have not met one. For daily faced with people who can easily make the diagnosis: flat feet, clubfoot, Ghost, X-shape, varus of the tibia, etc.

And, surprisingly, without knowing the principle of operation of the foot, successfully treated, increasing every year the percentage of people with such defects. Paradox!!!

To confirm the above, I quote from my correspondence with one of the Moscow orthopedist, candidate of medical Sciences (the name will not be called purely ethical reasons): "...You've lost me ... the concept of norms in medicine are vague and do not expect me to exact a non-existent language."

Great answer "professional"!!! Personally, I was taught differently — it is impossible to confuse a person who speaks with solid knowledge.

Please note, this is the answer of a person with scientific medical degree. Then what to speak of ordinary?!

Anyone can answer me how people with "very vague" understanding of the norms (normal form) of the foot can be cut, cut, drill, stitch LIVE FEET??? ....

On my website (http://nicefoot.ru/gb) in the guest book at No. 100 is the record of the person, making operations in Moscow and Switzerland. He sawed the bones, joints sradivari, cut ligaments, tendons, drove 7-inch-long screws in the heel. He blindly believed and trusted these "professionals". When the cut was nothing, and walking is quite impossible – "turned head" and found another way. Read.


If someone thinks that this is an isolated case. Mistaken.

For example, here is a statement from another doctor — traumatologist head of children's Department working on acquiring another academic degree.


After, I outlined the essence of his invention and gave her the opportunity to read the description and drawings, explaining the biomechanics of occurrence of negative aspects of the Shoe, injuring his feet, heard the following: "I'm a doctor, and in your biomechanics do not understand."


From one only of the etiquette, I asked her a question: "And who, then, needs to understand "MY" biomechanics, "studied" you in the higher medical institution? Can be a plumber?".

Sad, but this list of "winged" sayings goes on.

Open any orthopedic website

(for example - http://www.1796kotok.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25675 chapters from the book of the American podiatrist: Dr. Simon Wikler, "Remove your shoes and walk"). The situation is painfully comic — footwear injure feet, squeezes your fingers, let's walk barefoot.

 Marasmus! Though the skit write. It is a pity that guests do not necessary that the chairs nails sticking out of the seat tip up. All the time will not go, have to sit down. Painfully! All scarred ass! But where to go?!


– So take a different form, or at least bend the nails!

— No. It is not necessary. The standards do not allow the equipment needs to be rebuilt. And anyway, who told you that it was from nails? How do you say "OUR" ortho — "Causes your "ploskostopie" developmental abnormalities of the bones, muscle problem, neurological problem + genetic, chromosomal syndromes. And where does the nails you do not all the time they sit once stood, ass took again the same shape."


— What conclusions does the valiant medicine?

1. Let's often better to get out of the chair and go with a "bare" ass.

2. For your problem there are no conservative methods of treatment!


Class?! "Wonderful" insights!

If someone will say, reading these terms that it can't be that it's the author's imagination, divorced from reality – DOWN TO EARTH and look at the site's guestbook - comments n (158 – 293) – my discussion with St. Petersburg podiatrist on these issues.


Really, really sad!!! But only as long as you hope someone. Once you yourself begin to solve their own problems, all falls into place. In life no problem! There is a solved problem! They just need to set for ourselves and decide.


I have used this postulate and solved the problem: the traumatic flatfoot my daughter; bring the feet and X-shaped knees the son, and their O-shaped knees, and flat feet bring.


After this came their own method. Those wishing to use it. Understand, adjust it for themselves, engage in PHYSICAL CULTURE and build up your health formula.


Not to be unfounded, I propose to address the biomechanics of striking techniques. Please note, how are the axes of the joints when you kick in karate? Clearly you can see all the "norm." You can argue themselves hoarse. In reality it's simple. If You, at impact, is not built to the axis of the joints in the physiological chain, the injury provided!


If you are not built to the axis of the joints in the physiological chain, you will receive microtrauma (note, each step, about 10 000 times a day). What do you think, will soon be in constant pain and changes in your joints?


The world is very simple! That's what makes him brilliant!


Dare! The road by walking! Godspeed!

Author: Alexander Kiselev


Son is three years old. The surgeon was diagnosed with flat feet. Familiar situation? What should I do? With great surprise found diametrically opposite approaches and recommendations. Great interest was aroused by the site of Alexander Kiselev nicefoot.ru/. Honestly, everything on the head or from head to feet? Try to understand.

As in many such situations, the impetus for Alexander was the problem of flat feet as a result of injuries from a two-year daughter and his own flat. After long research methodology was developed. What is the main difference?

What says the official medicine of flatfoot in children:

— the child has increased muscle tone – used drugs that reduce the tone;

— as soon as the child begins to walk – put on shoes, go home only in shoes with a small heel;

— in children up to 5-7 years this flatfoot almost never;

— discovered flat foot – wear orthopedic shoes.

What Alexander says:

taking medications that reduce the tone, relaxes all muscles, including the weak. And, as a consequence, leads to flat feet. Instead, we need to strengthen weak muscles;

it's shoes that deform our feet. Both adults and children. Even tight socks can lead to pathology. Houses need to walk barefoot or in loose wool socks. Useful socks with toes, like gloves, they allow the fingers to move freely;

orthopedic shoes are harmful, it only reinforces the deficiencies;

physiological shoes on sale. Shoes can and should be corrected. How to do it? Look here and here;

most training facilities and sports complexes for the prevention and correction of flatfoot is completely ineffective. The best exercises – the correct gait! As a trainer you can use a pebble driveway and some sports complexes;

after 5-7 years to correct flat feet much harder!

Honestly, the approach of Alexander seemed much more logical and balanced. Well, throwing a pebble driveway, buy the socks with the toes and, most importantly, very attentive to the choice of shoes and fix it!


The vast majority of shoes physiologically does not match the leg:

Sixty seven million eight hundred thirteen thousand two hundred fifty four

Fifty million five hundred twenty nine thousand eight hundred fifty nine


According to repair shops, 96.8% of the wear of the cleats and bottom of the heels falls on the outside-back of the heel. This is another confirmation of the presence of the angle β, described in the article.

Seventy seven million six hundred four thousand forty seven

Pay attention to your shoes.

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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