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The list of endangered animal species added 188 more. Most environmentalists fear for the fate of orangutans and gorillas. Saving is only able to parrot from Mauritius.

According to experts of the World Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), more than 16 thousand species of animals are on the verge of extinction. Special danger threatens gorillas, orangutans, and corals, reports "Bi-bi-si." The main reasons for the disappearance of species of living beings environmentalists call human activity, including the uncontrolled hunting, destruction of the usual habitat of animals and plants. Climate change, according to experts, also threatens the existence of a number of living beings.

Recently, representatives of the IUCN data released so-called "Red List of species threatened with extinction." The structural basis of the list consists of two main blocks: species, endangered species, and low risk. The first, and in fact the main unit is divided into several categories: extinct species; extinct in the wild species; species in a critical state; species that are endangered and vulnerable species.

The first block of the document got more than 16 thousand species. Alas, some of them - particularly the African gorilla - moved from the category of "the endangered" to "critically ill." Thus, of the 41 415 species of animals, the scientists analyzed, almost a third is on the verge of extinction, and since last year the number of endangered species has increased from 16 118 to 16 306.

Every third kind of amphibians, one in four mammal species and one in eight bird species are exposed to serious risk of extinction, and the main reason for this, according to scientists, it is a changed man their natural habitat. Also severely position and approximately 70% of the plants.

As for the gorillas, the number of only one subspecies - the Western lowland gorillas - over the past 20-25 years has decreased by 60%. The reason for the disappearance of more than half of the population gets systematic deforestation, which leads to the fact that poachers can perform is almost uncontrolled hunting.

In addition, the great apes, including gorillas, suffering from Ebola, which is becoming increasingly common.

In some regions, mortality from the disease in great apes can reach 95%. Now the fever has moved to the center and north-east Africa. Environmentalists warn that if it is an acute viral disease characterized by high mortality, do not stop your movement, soon it will reach the last settlement gorillas.


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