Where is the subway be safe?

How to safely use the subway?

Surprisingly, the basic rules of safety in the subway, you will not see where. The instructions for use underground, elegantly combined with non-intrusive advertising, you will always be warned about many important things, such as not driving drunk in clothes get dirty, do not carry inflammable objects, etc. etc. But on such a trifle that each part has its own number why citizens do not report.

And why this number. And the fact that if the train has left something before you do, then do not beat about the car, like a canary on a golden cage. Calmly wait for the train, remember the number, which is located behind the glass in the cab, and, without delay, inform his duty. The train goes to our spans no less than 2-3 minutes. During this time she will have time to communicate by telephone to the next station. There's little things, or your child will be met.

It happens that undermine the subway cars. Of course, as is presently known to all, the subway is not necessary to touch not only foreign diplomats and packages but orphan wallets (just kidding). However, if you are not exploded in your car, there is a possibility that, perhaps, will have to follow the following tips. And so, the explosion still occurred and the train stopped in the tunnel. Do not seek, in that whatever was to get out of the car. In the tunnel are dozens of electric cables, they can be damaged by the explosion. But the door, it may be better to open. If the car is strongly smoky, close the respiratory organs with a handkerchief and lay down on the floor, as it is known at the top of the smoke accumulates. The metal housing of the car may be under stress, so try not to touch the metal part of the car. Better - calmly await the arrival of rescuers. Panic and mindless action - the main danger in such a situation.

Incidentally, the explosive typically lay under the seat. In the case of an explosion in your chances of survival are greater if you stand rather than sit. Besides better to stand in a crowd of other people who are in danger will be for you, alas, a natural shield.

You are in the subway with the child. Hanging strap can be tightened on the escalator. Take care of it. The car must be entered first child, and then go yourself. To go out in reverse order. Warned in advance about the situation of the child, when the doors are slammed shut in the face, thus separating you. If he stayed on the apron, then he should know that we should stay there. Parents themselves to return to him. If the train carried him into the darkness, then proceed as we have described above.

Never stand on the edge of the platform. While waiting for the train, stand against the wall (the pillar) of the station (or, if there are no walls and columns - in the middle of the station) to the opening of the doors of the train. Otherwise, you risk to get under the wheels of an approaching train due to crowding or intentional actions aimed against you.

Seeing the fallen on the tracks man immediately send two or three people nearby to inform the duty officer at the station. One man put on the edge of the platform at the exit of the tunnel, he signaled to stop the train driver, swinging up and down all the bright cloth. If a person is able to get himself out, help him, making sure he did not touch the tire contact with the wooden "pencil case" at the edge of the platform.

If a person can not get out fast when approaching train, shout to him that he either ran forward before the end of the station (obviously preferable) or lay between the rails and did not get up before the train. Can you imagine that he will survive?

On the escalator, do not exclude the possibility (it has happened more than once) that he can at any moment stop (or fall), so hold on to the handrails, and be prepared in case of an accident to jump to a nearby escalator.

On the train, if possible, give preference to the central car, which in the case of an accident suffered less than the head and tail. Although women in the evening is better to go to the head coach. You can take the help of the driver.

Well, that, forewarned - is forearmed. Suppose you're lucky.


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