Live a world on the brink of sixth Great extinction


Scientists warn that the living world of the planet is on the verge of the sixth great extinction.

According to researchers, plants and animals are dying 10 times faster than biologists thought and 100 times faster than before humans on Earth. Biologist Stuart PIMM of Duke University: "We stand on the threshold of the sixth extinction. Avoid we like it or not, will depend on our actions."

The research scientist is focused not on the number of endangered species, and speed. Numerous cumulative factors make extinction of plants and animals much faster than before.

The most important is the loss of habitat. As an example, biologists cite some types of monkeys, a great white shark. In the history of the Earth has had five mass extinctions of the living world. About 66 million years ago, one such extinction killed off the dinosaurs and three out of four species on Earth.About 252 million years ago, a Great extinction swept away into oblivion about 90 percent of the species. Sure, PIMM: "If we do nothing, we will go the way of the dinosaur".



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