They are in serious danger of extinction (15 photos)

WWF has compiled a list of animal species, which is in serious danger of extinction due to climate change, in particular - because of global warming.

In captivity, there are about 6,000 tigers. The main reasons for their extinction - poaching, loss of habitat and the reduction of natural food. Hunters, traders and poor local people use the forest for the existence of directly conflicting with the Tigers. (AFP / GETTY IMAGES)

One of the remaining habitat in the nature of tigers - mangroves of India. Rising sea levels could adversely affect the habitat of tigers that can disappear altogether. (REUTERS)

In South America, sea turtles lay their eggs on Brazilian beaches, many of which are threatened by rising sea levels. Climate change also threatens young sea turtle, as the temperature strongly affects nesting on the floor: in the colder regions of the males born in the warmer - female. (GETTY IMAGES)


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