Dangerous habits

1.Pozdno to go and little sleep
What is the danger: the best body resting and recovering in the period from 22.00 to 2 pm nochi.
Krome of sleep duration of less than 8:00 leads to the accumulation of harmful fat in the body that surrounds internal organs and interfere with their normal work.
2.Spat afternoon
What is the danger: a habit fraught with stagnation in the gallbladder, in other words, the formation of stones.
What to do? Do not load up on the belly. Try to escape.
3.Redko haircut
What is the danger: if you do not shear the split ends, they will break the structure of the hair, because of what they grow worse.
You need a haircut at least once a month G. Long hair is beautiful only when healthy.
4.Sidet home
What is the danger: sitting at home leads to stress and even mental disorders. In addition, no fresh air spoils the complexion, bruises under his eyes.
5.Ostavlyat overnight facial makeup
What is the danger: cosmetics clog the pores of the skin, and at night they have to breathe. If not, the pores expand, face swells and loses its fresh color.
What to do? Whatever you are tired, wash off makeup before bed. And better to do it immediately on arrival from work, and even then you can and forget.
6.Perekusyvat fast food
What danger "fast" food full harmful substances, including carcinogens, which may lead to the formation of malignant tumors. The main threat lies in the meat surrogates, flavor enhancers and sauces. All this is very harmful to the stomach, gastritis face, metabolic disorders, poor health.
What to do? Snack on some fruit, eat a handful of nuts, or yogurt drink.
7.Nosit shoes with high heels
What is the danger: the daily wearing of high heels leads to varicose veins, flat feet and joint diseases. But absolutely no heel shoes to wear, too bad - could have serious back problems.
What to do? Most of the time wearing shoes with heels no higher than 2-2, 5 cm. This is a safe height.


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