The most unusual animals on the verge of extinction

British scientists have compiled a list of 100 animals from the brink of extinction. These animals have little or no "relatives", respectively, their loss can critically affect the diversity of the animal world.

1. The long-nosed echidna (Tachyglossus bruijni), Papua New Guinea. Long-nosed viper Attenborough - one of the most primitive mammals on the planet. This is a mammal that lays eggs like a crocodile, long believed to be extinct until 2007, scientists have found a few specimens of this species. (SPL)

2. The three-toed sloth Miniature. Discovered only in 2001, this miniature sloth - the smallest and most endangered of extinction of all species of sloths. He lives on a tiny island off the coast of Panama. (Bryson Voirin / ZSL)

3. Saola or "Asian unicorn" was unknown to Western scholars until 1992. His discovery - one of the rarest and most interesting in the last 50 years. Now its population is incredibly small - perhaps only a few dozen individuals survived in the mountainous jungles of separating Laos from Vietnam. (Ban Vangaban village / WCS / ZSL)

4. River dolphins - the last descendant of one of the early groups dlinnoklyuvyh dolphins swimming in the sea millions of years ago. This strange dolphin with a thin nose practically blind. It floats on the side and belly up and uses finger-formation on the fins to look for food on the bottom of rivers. (Rex Features)


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