10 unsolved mysteries

In our life there is so much unknown! There are so many questions that is no one single answer. Let's try to introduce you to the most interesting mysteries of our world.

10 The placebo effect

The placebo effect is a phenomenon that when a person recovers or he comes a significant improvement in health (health) only through the exclusive faith in the power of the patient to take the medicine. As a rule, instead of the patient is taking medications lactose or simple vitamins. When substituting drugs so-called fluff, the patient is not informed about this. He is assured that taking the medication. Something like this is a phenomenon called the nocebo. In this case, a person takes fake drugs, and he comes deterioration of health.

So scientists do not know why there are such effects. Perhaps the whole thing in the human brain, the power of self-hypnosis, or something else. In fact, in our own body are still many unsolved mysteries.

9 Panspermia

How did life on Earth? Science suggests that life began when the planet was formed favorable for living microorganisms Wednesday. And where did microscopic organisms? One of the hypotheses of scientists is panspermia, which suggests that some "seeds of life" or "germs of life" exist in the universe. And life on earth started when these 'seeds' came to us, probably with the fallen meteorite. Panspermia theory suggests that life was brought to earth billions of years ago, but it does not explain how the development of life occurred.

Some believe that aliens brought life to our planet, as proposed in the theory of Erich von Däniken. Some scientists are skeptical about the fact that life can exist in outer space, but there is evidence that such forms of life as spores and some types of bacteria actually exist in interplanetary space, and are they likely to be able to rest in frozen.

8 mass extinction

The extinction of animals and insects takes place constantly. There are five mass extinctions. During one of these dinosaurs. This was in the era of so-called Permian mass extinction, or the great extinction. Sometimes the cause of extinction of species is obvious. Man destroys the biosphere and the atmosphere, and scientists predict that in the next 100 years, 50% will die of all living species of the planet. But sometimes, the true cause of the extinction of living organisms is not clear.

This may be due to competition from other species, climate change, and the consequences of the fall of the meteorite (the last reason is quite popular). However, some questions remain unanswered. Why then some species died out, while others survived. During the extinction of the dinosaurs existed crocodiles and turtles, but they survived, while the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, the marine reptiles and many others have died. To date, these extinctions are a mystery, and without a time machine, we may never know the truth.

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