10 unsolved mysteries

In our life there is so much unknown! There are so many questions that is no one single answer. Let's try to introduce you to the most interesting mysteries of our world.

10 The placebo effect

The placebo effect is a phenomenon that when a person recovers or he comes a significant improvement in health (health) only through the exclusive faith in the power of the patient to take the medicine. As a rule, instead of the patient is taking medications lactose or simple vitamins. When substituting drugs so-called fluff, the patient is not informed about this. He is assured that taking the medication. Something like this is a phenomenon called the nocebo. In this case, a person takes fake drugs, and he comes deterioration of health.

So scientists do not know why there are such effects. Perhaps the whole thing in the human brain, the power of self-hypnosis, or something else. In fact, in our own body are still many unsolved mysteries.

9 Panspermia

How did life on Earth? Science suggests that life began when the planet was formed favorable for living microorganisms Wednesday. And where did microscopic organisms? One of the hypotheses of scientists is panspermia, which suggests that some "seeds of life" or "germs of life" exist in the universe. And life on earth started when these 'seeds' came to us, probably with the fallen meteorite. Panspermia theory suggests that life was brought to earth billions of years ago, but it does not explain how the development of life occurred.

Some believe that aliens brought life to our planet, as proposed in the theory of Erich von Däniken. Some scientists are skeptical about the fact that life can exist in outer space, but there is evidence that such forms of life as spores and some types of bacteria actually exist in interplanetary space, and are they likely to be able to rest in frozen.

8 mass extinction

The extinction of animals and insects takes place constantly. There are five mass extinctions. During one of these dinosaurs. This was in the era of so-called Permian mass extinction, or the great extinction. Sometimes the cause of extinction of species is obvious. Man destroys the biosphere and the atmosphere, and scientists predict that in the next 100 years, 50% will die of all living species of the planet. But sometimes, the true cause of the extinction of living organisms is not clear.

This may be due to competition from other species, climate change, and the consequences of the fall of the meteorite (the last reason is quite popular). However, some questions remain unanswered. Why then some species died out, while others survived. During the extinction of the dinosaurs existed crocodiles and turtles, but they survived, while the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, the marine reptiles and many others have died. To date, these extinctions are a mystery, and without a time machine, we may never know the truth.

7 Zombies in Haiti

Haitian voodoo magic - of the religious practices, has long been seen as something negative. The fact is that voodoo is used to create a zombie. But do not these zombie-like in Hollywood. Zombies are created from people who unquestioningly obey the orders of the owner. Wade Davis, a Canadian ethno-biologist, has collected a lot of information on this issue. Apparently voodoo originated in Africa.

Two drugs (presumably poisons) are introduced into the blood of the victim. One of them is a prerequisite for a trance-like death, which falls victim. From the side it seems that the victim does not act independently, but is subject to the owner. Davis discovered an important fact: the zombie is not random, it is used as a kind of severe punishment, most likely, those who violated the sacred laws of voodoo. But how does it work exactly - is unclear.

6 Intuition

It happens that we know something, do not understand, where does this knowledge. This intuition. Sometimes even this phenomenon or feeling called sixth sense or gut feelings. Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without a clear source of information and without reasoning. Some people claim that they have the feeling that someone is watching them. When testing is that it is. Sometimes the police can look at crime suspects, and immediately determine who is a criminal, and then found that he was right. Some people say that it's all coincidence. Others believe that the human brain has the ability to gain knowledge from the unconscious. This is another mystery of the human mind.

May 2012

What makes this year so special? The fact that the Olympic Games are held in London? No, the ancient Mayan civilization of Central America was a special calendar that was accurate enough. According to this calendar, December 21, 2012, the winter solstice, reaches the end of the life cycle of mankind. Maya were good mathematicians and astrology (they accurately predicted an eclipse that occurred one hundred years after the death of their civilization). For this reason, people assume that they were right and on the end of the world. But there are some interesting astronomical events that will occur in 2012. In addition to the eclipses and comets, the entire solar system must pass through the center of our galaxy that happens only once every 26,000 years. And there is a risk of diversion of the poles of the planet. It sounds crazy, but scientists say that this is already happening. In addition, the Indian calendar, Kali Yuga, ends at about the same time as the Mayan calendar. As they say, we wait and see.

4 Life on the exoplanet

The exoplanet is a planet outside the solar system. Today we know 277 recorded exoplanets. However, there is no evidence on whether the life of any of them. It is still a mystery, how could fly UFOs (unidentified flying objects). Likely candidates for the presence of life - Gliese 581 D and HD 189733 B. Recent allegedly contains water vapor and organic compounds. It is not known whether the planets moons orbiting them. Some believe that there may be another living planet in our solar system. On some planets, moons, such as Neptune's Triton or Saturn, Europe may have or have had life. And yet, no one knows.

3 Nazca Lines

Carved on the plains of Nazca in Peru giant characters made perfectly smooth. Some of them stretched for hundreds of meters. They look like giant hands were made two thousand years ago. And the strange thing is, they can be seen only from the air. So how did the ancient Nazca drew them? The researchers suggest that the Indians have created a balloon or kite, and oversaw the creation of his works from the air. Indeed, the experiment was conducted, which showed that Nazca could make a flying balloon. And using it to draw symbols of animals and plants.

However, some long strips do not have clear meaning. The writer Erich von Däniken thinks it's runways for extraterrestrial spaceships and aliens that could make them. Perhaps these lines are needed for boarding and landing of alien spacecraft. Maria Reiche, an astronomer, says that these lines could be used by the Indians as a calendar, and also helps keep track of the stars and planets. On the plateau there is a drawing monkey, which has a spiral tail, similar to the orbital lines of our solar system. There are even more obscure theories that suggest that 2000 years ago drew lines and gigantic figures people. Pproiskhozhdenie these figures is still a mystery.

2 Megalithic structures

Megalithic structures are huge boulders. It may be statues or scattered stones placed on a template. Mystery remains how our ancestors were able to create such huge structures? They had no technology able to implement these projects. Stonehenge is a good example. Large structures of giant boulders is the Pyramid of Giza. The mystery is not only how to build these facilities, but also why. The name "megalith" is translated as "a giant stone", is used in most cases, especially in the case of Stonehenge and Carnac.

However, there are several megalithic structures that are not mysterious. But mostly, it seems like such ancient structures can not erect without any help. Now many believe that aliens helped the ancient people. But scientists suggest even more strange things. They think that maybe there was a lost ancient civilization which was very advanced. Perhaps its representatives have given later civilizations the knowledge to build such facilities. However, no evidence that this or another. More examples of megaliths: heads on Easter Island, Pyramid of the Sun (in Central America), other pyramids in Central and South America, the Colossus of Rhodes.

1 Creation of the Universe

The universe is huge and unknown. It is full of mysteries. And perhaps the biggest mystery of how the universe was created. Scientists have suggested that there was a massive explosion many billions of years ago, called the "Big Bang." This theory is now widely recognized, and scientists are looking for traces of energy that are left of a colossal explosion that created a trillion stars. However, this is no absolute proof. Creation of the Universe is more than just a blast. Religious people believe that the universe created the supreme being. But other scientists say that there was no Big Bang, and that the energy of the explosion, only passed through the universe, and they're trying to find its epicenter. This debate continues. Science vs. religion, probably the biggest conflict in the world. But what is religion? There are so many different types of religions. What is the difference between the Christian religion and Greek mythology? No one believes in the Greek gods right now. But what is science? Just things created by man. Maybe the universe is just in our minds.

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