6 mysterious artifacts whose origin is still shrouded in mystery.

We live in an era of technological progress. People have learned to conquer space and to split the atom. It seems that the world is left unsolved mysteries. But the reality is we love to throw more and more secrets. Many archaeological findings confound even the most eminent scientists. Consider the most mysterious artifacts purpose which still dominates the minds of mankind.

1. The Baghdad Battery - grandmother "Energizer»

Incredibly, the first batteries were in Mesopotamia before our era! During archaeological excavations near Baghdad was found strange jug height of 13 centimeters. Inside this jar is placed a copper cylinder, the bottom of which is covered with a thin layer of material similar to asphalt. The cylinder is inserted an iron rod, and iron and copper are not touching - they isolate the layer of asphalt.

structure of the mysterious vessel is the same as that of modern batteries. Therefore, the mysterious discovery dubbed the "Baghdad battery". Moreover, in the course of several experiments failed to prove that this battery is capable of providing electricity voltage to 4 volts! To do this, it just need to fill wine vinegar or lemon juice.

It is believed that such a battery could be used for the application of gold leaf jewelry. However, it is unclear why these artifacts have been found in other places, and the technology of production of the Baghdad batteries disappeared into history.

2. Columbia gold airplane - an ornament or a model glider? B>

A small gold ornaments, found more than a hundred years ago in South America, is incredibly similar to the present-day aircraft. He has wings and tail surfaces and body figure is strikingly similar aircraft fuselage today!

In the mid-90s by the German modelers Peter Beltingom and Algundom Enbomom were built increased by 16 times up the golden airplane Columbia. Incredibly, these figures move up into the air and well-planned. And when the "golden planes" equipped with motor and radio control, they were even able to perform aerobatics!

So far, not known for certain the true purpose of the decoration. Was it a model of the aircraft or the desired figure aerodynamics given by chance? This question is at risk forever remain unanswered.

3. Genetic Disc - benefit Embryology

Another incredible find from Colombia - Genetic drive. On the stone engraved puck processes of new life.

It is not clear how it could be represented in antiquity, because there were not microscopes. And the genetic drive to the smallest detail shows the process of origin of sperm and embryo development stages.

In addition, the drive itself is made of an extremely hard, but at the same time is quite fragile in the processing of the Lydian stone. Such stones are faceted just, but when you try to apply the relief image they split. Threading technology such complex images are not disclosed until now.

4. Antikythera Mechanism - a prototype of the planetarium

In 1900, the ancient shipwreck near the island of Antikythera discovered a mysterious mechanism. It consisted of a plurality of gears, dials and hands that interacted with each other.

After decades of debate, scientists have concluded that the Antikythera mechanism - is the oldest computer. With the help of old Greeks could do calculations of the motion of celestial bodies. Antikythera Mechanism showing the relative position of the planets, moon and sun. Thanks to him, you could predict the parade of planets, as well as lunar and solar eclipses.

The only thing that remains a mystery: how in ancient Greece could provide a precise execution of details? Scientists claim that the Antikythera Mechanism ahead of time for a thousand years.

5. Giant stone balls of Costa Rica - bowling for the Giants

Whole deposit perfectly round stones was discovered in 1930 in Costa Rica at the cutting jungle for banana plantations. The biggest of them reach two meters in diameter and weigh about 16 tons. Mysterious stone balls were given the scientific name - "petrosfery».

Scientists are still struggling in conjectures about the purpose of these stones. According to one version petrosfery could symbolize planets and stars, and is an ancient observatory. According to another version, these stones just demarcates land.

Among the locals for a long time were legends that inside the stone balls hidden gold treasures. As a result, several petrosfer were split or blown up, but no jewelry inside was not.

6. Voynich Manuscript

The most mysterious book in the world was named antiquarian Wilfrid Voynich, who bought it for his collection in 1912. The uniqueness of the manuscript is that it is written in an unknown alphabet characters. The text is supplemented with drawings, the meaning of which no one can explain, as depicted objects do not exist in reality.

The manuscript contains six sections, which, referring to the strange figures, gave their names: botanical, astronomical, biological, cosmological, pharmaceutical and recipe. Each section has its own style of writing, which further complicates the task of cryptographers.

The mystery of the Voynich Manuscript continues to haunt the minds of scientists, because they were unable to decipher even a small portion of the manuscript.

These findings will always cause an unprecedented boom, because secrets attract. Moreover, the unsolved mysteries give you a chance to first find the correct answer. There are interesting speculation about the mysterious artifact? Then do not keep them to yourself, and take your time to share with friends.

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